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Why I don’t advise pounding beers up after making the podium

Australia’s triathlon trio Emma Moffatt, Emma Jackson and Emma Snowsill celebrated a triumphant and history-making ITU Dextro Energy Triathlon World Championship round in Hamburg back in 2011.

It was a great day for a triathlon; my preparation was fantastic, and although there were plenty of learning lessons during the race, I managed to make second place in my age group, winning my first official medal. I probably had half dozen bottles of water after the race, a banana, and several orange slices to help replace lost carbohydrates and electrolytes. Yes, it was a great morning, and I was feeling fine. While there was lots of pizza and beer on hand at the post race expo, I felt completely satisfied with taking care of my body and enjoying the moment.

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3 Essential Keys to Training Hard and Avoiding Burnout

Tired runner

Having a good plan is essential to successful triathlon training. But many times in the quest to “get more done” and “improve performance” we often will rationalize some serious mistakes that can be costly. It is important to remember that no matter what condition you find yourself, or stage in your training you may be, there are certain axioms that should be followed. There are three specific ways that you can make sure you are going to progress and more importantly not burn out or become injured.

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