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A Must Read For Triathletes, “How To Ride In A Group”

There are a series of basic rules to follow in order to ride properly in a group, and yet it is often surprising how few people know these rules.

You might think this doesn’t apply to you; after all, you are a Cat. 1 and winner of the Thursday night or Saturday morning World Championships…so like I said, it’s amazing how many people don’t know how to ride in a group. If you are new to the sport, this will help for your next group ride, if you are old to the sport, this should be a useful recap of what you already know.

Rule 1: It’s Not a Race

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Do you Have The Right Stuff When It Comes To Hydration?

The Right Stuff is a know as, “serious hydration for serious athletes.” Rock Star Triathlete coach Kerry Sullivan uses it often, since he finds it works the best of any hydration/electrolyte product he has used.

This may sound like a lot of hype, but The Right Stuff has a lot of science to back it up. NASA originally developed the formula for there astronauts who were becoming seriously dehydrated when re-orbiting the earths atmosphere. They tested many solutions and found that the formula used in The Right Stuff was the best.

Below is an interview that Kerry did with the owner of The Right Stuff. In the interview, formulator of The Right Stuff David Belaga talks about what makes The Right Stuff so effective.

Check out: after you listen to the interview below, and keep reading for a proprietary discount.
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Tri-Ripped Q&A Video With Ben Greenfield

In this Tri-Ripped Q&A video with Ben Greenfield, you’ll learn what Tri-Ripped is, and learn how to swim, bike and run fast, and still have the ultimate triathlon body.

Click below to get Tri-Ripped at 11:59EST on January 11.



You Have Any Sesamoid Bones?

“Give me three steps, gimme three
steps mister…”
Lynyrd Skynyrd

I was asked recently about an
athlete with a foot problem and a possible sesamoid fracture. It occurred to me
that most folks didn’t know they had sesamoid bones, or if they did, where they

The simplest definition of a sesamoid bone is one that’s
surrounded by tendon or intratendinous. The most obvious example would
be the knee cap. This blog will be devoted to the pair of sesamoid bones
underneath the ball joint of the big toe. They are about the size of a lima
bean, normally glide front and back with each stride and rarely give us much
cause for concern. But as with any bone in the foot, they can be broken or
subject to a stress fracture. A true fracture takes a pretty significant injury
such as a fall from a height where we in the endurance sport world are more
likely to see a stress fracture from the usual causes. (See my two recent blogs
on this injury pattern.) The athlete with a true fracture is going to be
immobilized between 4 and 8 weeks, will be made non-weight bearing

on crutches, and like likely be doing all of his/her training in the pool
for a while.  Treating the stress fracture is much less aggressive, but
here, too, your running shoes will see no action for longer than you’d like.
Often times, sesamoid problems present as sesamoiditis, an inflammation
of the area caused by the usual culprits of too much too fast, especially
speed work or hills. One starts with the gradual onset of pain under the big
toe, initially present during only the hardest portion of the workout and
increasing to any running, even walking. There doesn’t seem to be much
redness or bruising. They can be slightly swollen but frequently it’s not
easy to see.

So what do you do?
Back off for a while. Maybe do a percentage of your weekly run volume in the
pool. (It can be fun.) Then, if you can unload the area of distress by using a
metatarsal pad or other device to very slightly overload the non-injured portion
of the foot being certain to ice down the area once the run is over. Don’t be so
aggressive that you risk frostbite but 15-20 minutes ought to do

Lastly, trying to go through your log book examining each week, each
run, for clues as to the cause and how to never have it again is always
beneficial.  And if you’re successful, your “three steps” will be crossing the
finish line without pain!

John Post, MD

Join Ben Greenfield for Triathlon Camp in Kona, Hawaii, May 27 to June 2, 2012!

Join Ben Greenfield at Epic Camp Lite in Kona Hawaii, coached by IM talk co-host and former pro triathlete John Newsom and Ironman World Champion and triathlon legend Scott Molina on May 27-June 2, 2012!

Epic Camp has a long and proud history of producing unique challenges in the best locations in the world. Our Kona 2012 camp will be a modified version of the normal camps with a chance to take in some heavy training on the Kona course before tapering off a little for the Kona 70.3 race.

The camp will be open to athletes of all abilities.  And to ensure everyone gets good quality sessions, we will break the athletes into groups. This is an awesome chance to get an epic experience, see the big island, train with some like-minded athletes and tie it all in with a great race.


Coaches – John Newsom & Scott Molina (Ben Greenfield will also be in attendance)

Camp content – you will get to do the Ironman course in it’s entirety as well as some not-so-well-known routes from Kona that are fantastic rides. We won’t have a points system for this camp but will put up some little incentives to ensure there is no slacking.

Timing – the timing of the camp is perfect for anyone looking to peak for a mid season Ironman such as CDA, Placid, Germany, etc., or lay the early season base for later in the year.

Support – we will have a solid support crew in place to ensure all you focus on is training and having an awesome time.


Arrivals – everyone is to arrive by Sunday, 27th May, with training starting on Monday

Departures – Sunday, 3rd June


We will spend the first 4-5 nights in Kona at condo style accommodation. The rooms will be twin share.

For the final 2-3 nights we will move out to the plush Mauna Lani ( ) which is very close to the race venue We’re just confirming some logistics and will then decide on either 2 or 3 nights at Mauna Lani.


We will be eating out most nights (several nights will be at the famous Lava Java). Lunches will often be on the road and breakfasts will be self serve in the units. We will have some sports nutrition products but if you have your special favourites bring them along (but there are a couple of good bike shops in Kona)

Camp Fee:

The camp fee includes:

  • accommodation for 7 nights
  • all food
  • coaching
  • on road support
  • transfers
  • a unique epic experience

Not included – Flights – Entry into Kona 70.3 event

Camp fee US$2,295

Deposit – we require a US$750 deposit which is non refundable.

The balance is required by 1st April 2012. Payment is via Paypal or telegraphic transfer

Basic Schedule (subject to change) –

Key sessions:

Sunday, 27th May – Arrivals

Monday, 28th May – Bike – the full IM course Pool swim with coaching

Tuesday, 29th May – Run – Ali’i drive (10miles) Swim – roughly the IM course Bike – route tbc – it will be descent

Wednesday, 30th May – Bike – 2-3hrs to race site (not on Queen K) Swim – Race Venue – option of running at race venue as well Bike – back to town on the Queen K stopping at energy lab Run – Energy lab

Thursday, 31st May – TBC – there will be various options today (some long some shorter)

Friday, 1st June – Bike to Mauni Lani ~1.5hrs Optional training the rest of the day

Saturday, 2nd June – 70.3 Race PM recovery session

Sunday, 3rd June – Departures

For more information, or to register now, email John Newsom at [email protected].

Important: please reference “Pacific Elite Fitness” or “Ben Greenfield” when you inquire about the camp.

Newbie Ironman & Rock Star Triathlete Academy member Tim Wins A Free Month of Membership!

Here’s Rock Star Triathlete Academy member Tim at Ironman Coeur D’ Alene!

A few months ago, in this post you can read by clicking here, we told you that we’re now giving a free month of membership to any Rock Star Triathlete Academy members who send us a picture or video in the Rock Star Cycling Kit or Rock Star Jet Black Tech T-Shirt.

Here’s the deal:

-You must be at a triathlon or triathlon event.

-We’ll triple your free month of membership if you’re on the race podium and we verify the results.

Congratulations to Todd (pictured above), who just sent this photo and and got a free month of membership to the Academy (and by the way, if we get more photos from Todd or anyone else at more events, we’ll continually to add more free months).

Here’s a little incentive to get you started. At (or below) you can use code ROCKFIVE for a $5 discount on the t-shirts and code ROCK20 for a $20 discount on the cycling kits! You can even combine the codes, so enjoy.

Rock on, and here’s more clothing info below…

Here at the Rock Star Triathlete Academy store, you can get cool threads, shirts, hats and Rock Star Triathlete Academy gear to show off your style at the races! This gear is available to members only. NEW: Rock Star Cycling Kits and Tech-Tees are now available!

Rockstart Triathlon Jersey

Rock Star Cycling Jersey (includes shorts emblazoned with logo) – $100.00 & FREE Shipping. Click here to order.


Rock Star Jet Black Shirt  – $20.00 & FREE Shipping. Click here to order.


Jamaica Triathlon Discount – Come Party With Ben & Kerry!

Want an excuse this winter to get away to a hot Caribbean destination?

The Rose Hall Triathlon, on November 13, is your big chance – so come party in Jamaica with Ben Greenfield and Kerry Sullivan!

This Olympic distance triathlon is a perfect opportunity to race in the fun, laid-back atmosphere of the Caribbean. This race will fill up fast, but you can use 20% discount code to register at with code BGREENJAMTRI.

See you there!

Rock Star Triathlete Academy now on Athlinks!

Attention Rock Star members!

The Rock Star Triathlete Academy is now on “Athlinks”, which is a website where you can go upload your race results!

Check out Rock Star Triathlete Academy on Athlinks by clicking here.

You can compare your results to other members, and keep track of how you and fellow academy members are faring in your triathlons.

Have fun!

Rock Star Triathlete “Business Of Triathlon Coaching” Call Now Available For Download.

In this call, which you can access at the end of this post, Ben & Kerry answer a variety of triathlon coaching business questions, including:

How often do you implement transition runs vs. Bricks

How do you structure bike and run workouts?

There are organizations such as NASM, ACE, NASC, etc,….what is really the most respected organization for getting a Personal training certificate or rather what organization if getting a certified from would benefit a triathlon coach the most Besides ISSN

How did you get to being an elite level coach? did you just get lucky or work your ass off?

How do you proceed to try and get hired under another coaching brand and make them feel like you aren’t using them?

Twitter tips as a coach, have any? things to do or not to do?

how can you get more recognition as a coach?

How do you structure a week of training for athletes? (how/where do you put rest days? how do you know when to have hard days and easy days and where to put them into a week for an athlete)

-Available Upgrades:



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Technical Difficulty with Pro Triathlete Blake Becker Q&A

This evening we had an issue with then conference line, and neither Blake Becker or your coaches could join the line.

As a result the call has been rescheduled. Blake will be re joining us on June 29th for more crazy workout Q&A!

So…if you were trying to get on the call and couldn’t it then don’t feel bad…

And we’re sorry for the inconvenience!