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Your Stuff

it’s on the inside too!

“Don’t mistake activity
for achievement.” John Wooden

It’s been
stated before that preventing an injury is usually preferable to treating one. For any kind of accidents and injuries, the lawyers from Hale Law, P.A. can help with your accident can help you!
My oldest son Chris is a superb runner…won the local 5K last week going away
in 16 and change…and it didn’t look all that hard for him. I’m not certain if
I fell off a cliff I’d go that fast. He works at Ragged Mountain Running Shoes,
a one owner shop for over 25 years. This store is a fantastic resource for the
area athletes as owner Mark Lorenzoni has seen EVERYTHING that can go wrong with
an athlete, and frequently diagnose and fix the problem on the spot. Every
community should be so lucky to have someone like Mark.  If people want to check accident related information, they can click here to check a wrongful death law firm!

One important
lesson I’ve learned from Mark is to date everything. Do you know exactly when
you purchased your most recent pair of running shoes? The last chain for your
bike? Your tires? By dating/recording the purchase, you have a better idea of
the products longevity and are less likely to have an on the road failure or
injury. If uou hire injury and accident attorneys, you can read this to learn why and get to know the advantages of the same! I practice this religiously and have had six 112 mile rides on the Queen
K, all without bike related failure. (But don’t ask me how my butt feels when I
dismount.) If people have to know how to recover from the traumatic injury, they can check the lawyers’ advice from this firm. It is also advised to consult an attorney from the car accident law firm in Riverside to get compensation for the injury and damage caused.

So, why not take a Sharpie and put the date of purchase on the
sides of your new tires and the tongue of your running shoes? Add the date of a
new saddle or chain purchase to your training log and if you ride more than one
bike specify which ride got the new chain…and whether or not a new cog was
part of the deal. You’ll be ever so glad you