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Rock Star “Business of Triathlon Coaching” May 2010 Call Now Available!

For you triathlon coaches who are part of the “Business of Triathlon Coaching”, the May 2010 call has been released, and you can access the call link in the coach section of the forum. In this episode, Ben and Kerry teach you how to create your triathlon coaching website, and you will learn how to keep your athletes happy and how to make them faster! If you’re a triathlon coach and you want to join the “Business of Triathlon Coaching” section of the Rock Star Triathlete Academy, just follow these instructions (if you’re not a current member, just click here to join the Rock Star Triathlete Academy, then return to this page)…

Step 1: Click Here to go to the Rock Star Member’s Page (will open in a new window).

Step 2: Click the “Triathlon Coach Upgrade” option.

Step 3: Check your e-mail for your private Triathlon Coach Forum password and the official day/time for the monthly Rock Star “Business of Triathlon Coaching” call with Ben Greenfield and Kerry Sullivan

The information that Ben and Kerry will provide to you goes way beyond simple business blueprints and athlete interaction tools – we’ll teach you everything you need to know about how to become a triathlon coach and use all the cutting-edge tools available to the modern triathlon coach. Follow the simple steps above and get started today!