Do You Want To Know Everything About How To Get Blazing Fast and Skyrocket Your Triathlon Success — Even If You’re Totally New And Just Starting Out?

Here’s how you can “pick the brains” of the world’s top coaches, triathlon pros, nutritionists and endurance sports experts… and discover their training secrets... from start to finish... with proven step-by-step methods and triathlon training systems anybody can follow!


Dear Triathlon Enthusiast,

We’re excited that you’ve made it this far. You’re about to be a part of triathlon history.

You see, traditionally, to get top-notch triathlon coaching and have all your questions instantly answered at the snap of your fingers, you had to either pay big bucks or know somebody important.

And if you wanted to go out and learn tips, tricks and techniques for the complete beginner triathlete to see how to set-up a race transition area to the seasoned expert who wants to learn how to shave a few seconds off their race time, you had to go search all over the library, the bookstore and the internet for the training, audios, videos and articles that just might point you in the right direction.

But just imagine if you tried to learn how to play basketball, operate a computer, or fix your car by wandering aimlessly around and just “picking stuff up” as you learned it ... it’d be time-consuming, frustrating, and full of mistakes and errors!

Learning the sport of triathlon is no different. You can either try to figure things out on your own, or you can get laser-focused access to exactly what you want to learn for your sport of triathlon right when you need it, in a personal, friendly and easy-to-understand format.

Click the get started button below to see our pricing and plans, or keep reading to explore what you'll find inside the academy...


So What Is The Rock Star Triathlete Academy All About?

The Rock Star Triathlete Academy was designed to give all levels, ages and abilities in the sport of triathlon the opportunity to learn from handpicked articles, listen to real-time audio, watch customized videos that cater to exactly your needs, and interact with experienced coaches who treat you like real people and earnestly desire to fulfill your triathlon needs - no matter who you are!

At the Rock Star Triathlete Academy, we're not just coaches and educators in the sport of triathlon. We're triathletes ourselves, and we've listened to what you truly desire in a triathlon community...

...the opportunity to learn and interact in a personal and customized real-time environment, without feeling like you're being disrespected for being a complete beginner, or bored because you're an advanced triathlete.

We teach beginner triathletes the lingo and the basics, providing advice to plan your race season, make gear decisions, and choose workouts.

We teach seasoned triathletes how to eliminate seconds in transition, succeed with implementing an intensive multi-sport lifestyle, and get a podium spot or qualify for Kona.

It really is true that once you're a Rock Star Triathlete Academy member, you'll instantly have everything that you need to thrive in the sport of triathlon, including live coach access, real-time feedback, interaction with pros and experts, up-to-date handpicked content, and a sense of triathlon community belonging.

Your head coaches inside the academy are Ben Greenfield and Kerry Sullivan - they've put time in the trenches and they know what it takes to succeed at and enjoy the sport of triathlon...

Ben Greenfield

Coach Ben

-Top Ranked Amatuer Triathlete

-Multiple Kona Ironman Finisher

-Master's Degree in Exercise Physiology

-National Personal Trainer of the Year

-Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach

-ISSN Sports Nutritionist

-USA Triathlon All American

-Serotta Bike Fit Certified

-Author for LAVA Magazine

Kerry Sullivan

Coach Kerry

-Represented USA in Aquathon/Triathlon

-Short Distance Triathlon Specialist

-NLP Practitioner

-Certified Personal Trainer


-USAT Certified Coach

-USA Cycling Coach

-Veteran of Over 100 Triathlons

-Founder of Blazing Tri Speed


We’ve Listened To What YOU Desire For Your Triathlon Adventures!

Yes, we could just shell out content that we think you might find useful.

But we've put our ears to the ground… and developed our online triathlon school… upon a foundation that caters to YOUR needs and desire! That’s precisely why we will be giving you such an astounding array of triathlon training.

We want to “wow” you every time you login for your next shot in the arm of triathlon success strategies. And we’re certain we will.

Inside the academy, we give you all the help you’ll ever need to succeed in the sport of triathlon, no matter what your goals may be. We do all the work for you, hand-picking the articles and videos, designing the training plans, providing the forum access and pouring ourselves out to you on the phone calls and teleseminars. All you have to do is follow our simple instructions and checklists. You can do that, right?

-Imagine how it will feel when you wake up in the morning and know exactly which workouts to do…

-Imagine the ease in knowing exactly which meals and supplements to include in your training...

-Imagine knowing that anytime you need it, you can jump onto a customized call with a triathlon coach...

-Imagine having an open line to converse with triathlon pros and the experts that you find in books and magazines...

-And Imagine how good it feels to have total confidence in your triathlon training...

This is no pipe dream. You can make it instantly happen. It’s all available in the Rock Star Triathlete Academy.

But that's not all.

You'd normally pay thousands of dollars for this type of access! Have you looked at the cost of triathlon coaching recently? We're simply blown away by the fact that the average triathlete is simply can't even afford to learn how to properly do their sport. For example, simply getting a triathlon training plan for one season written out for you can cost upwards of $1000. Not only that, but...

Month-to-month triathlon coaching averages $250-700…

Hours of up close and personal advice from pro triathletes and gurus cost over $1000…

The triathlon gear and nutrition that you find inside the Academy can be $200-$400 per month if you don't get discounts…

Magazine subscriptions are several dozen dollars a year, but you don't get any personal help interpreting the content...

And being part of a community with coaches that actually care about you and your success is priceless.

But look at what you get inside the academy for just a fraction of the cost!

Concrete video and audio examples, along with case studies of triathletes who achieved their goals with simple changes…

The ability to ask questions and get answers via both forums and calls...

Regular video tips that clearly demonstrate techniques - along with a special section for you to request new video topics...

New triathlon workout routines to help you mix things up...

Help learning time management skills to balance the lifestyle of full time work, parenting, and triathlon training...

Content given in understandable terms for people who new to the sport...

Training that is specified to each level - we'll be sure and let you know whether content is beginner, intermediate or advanced...

Free triathlon training programs for all distances and experience levels, complete with TrainingPeaks and logging compatibility...

Live chat and instruction from coaches, pros and experts who have proven results and hands-on experience...

Call-in coach interviews with "average joe" triathlete members and the opportunity to listen live as they are coached.

Real time feedback from certified and qualified triathlon coaches who have been "around the block" a few times...

Mental and psychological techniques for enhancing triathlon motivation and getting you out of bed every morning to train...

Help with connecting with other triathletes and clubs in your area...

Research based and proven ideas established on science, with techniques and simple tips that a self-coached athlete can immediately apply...

Targeted information for all ages and abilities, including back-of-the-pack newbies, and not just young bucks or pro triathletes... Live chat and easy access to approach your academy coaches with specific questions...

A personal touch that goes way beyond generic triathlon training information...

Simple tips that you can easily integrate into your existing training plan without requiring major modifications or time commitments...

Affordability and an understanding that with race entry fees getting so out of hand, you shouldn't have to pay hundreds of dollars a month for coaching...

The ability to easily access archives and content on your own time and listen, watch or read 24-7, 365 days a year...

Advice on planning your race seasons in a logical and smart way, to maximize performance and minimize risk of injury or overtraining...

Information for everyone, from the elite athlete interested in decreasing transition times by a few seconds to the complete beginner who just wants to know how to put together a training week...

Guidance for triathletes and also triathlon coaches who want to learn better triathlon coaching athlete management and triathlon coaching business techniques...

And everything presented in an easy-to-access format that lets you easily navigate the Rock Star Triathlete Academy without needing a science degree in computer technology!

Listen, triathletes all over the planet are lining up by the thousands to get into expensive coaching programs – all for the privilege of forking over hundred of dollars each and every month.

Yet for just a fraction of that, you can gain access to what we believe is the best real-world education available to teach you how to excel at the sport of triathlon!

PLUS – There are NO LONG-TERM COMMITMENTS, which means you can cancel anytime you like.

If you don’t think we’re delivering a lot more value than we’re charging you for, you’re free to leave at anytime. That’s precisely why we will be giving you such an astounding array of triathlon training content every month! As soon as the latest research or training technique is release, we're on it.

And you'll never need to worry again about keeping your workouts fresh and exciting.

So even if you’re just curious about what’s inside the Rock Star Triathlete Academy, you really owe it to yourself to stop guessing and give this new membership a try…/p>


Here is exactly what you will find
inside the Rock Star Triathlete Academy

Ben Answers Questions at the Academy

1) Weekly Coaching Q&A Calls with Ben Greenfield and Kerry Sullivan.

As a member, this is a private call restricted to the Rock Star Triathlete Academy. During this one hour seminar, you get to ask all your questions about triathlon training, and get instant answers in real time. You can also use this call to ask questions about the free triathlon training plans, academy forum topics, our weekly technique videos, or any other aspect of the Rock Star Triathlete Academy! Consider the Weekly Coaching Q&A Call your personal opportunity for customized triathlon coaching. Afterwards, these calls are available for instant playback and download to your computer inside our protected members area.

2) Free Triathlon Training Plans.

When you join the academy, you receive instant access to a free TrainingPeaks account loaded with 12 free triathlon training plans - beginner, intermediate and advanced blueprints for Sprint, Olympic, Half-Ironman and Ironman triathlon. Whether you're totally new to the sport, or gunning for a podium spot, the academy plans are all you'll ever need to be completely prepared for your event with zero guesswork. These plans normally retail for $99-$159, but you get instant access as a member, along with full plan support through our forums and coaching calls.

3) Bi-Monthly Teleseminars with Leading Triathlon Experts.

Two times per month, we persuade triathlon's leading scientists, physicians, pro athletes, nutritionists, coaches and trainers to appear at the Rock Star Triathlete Academy to answer all your questions, whether you're a back-of-the-pack newbie or an elite triathlete. Afterwards, these calls are available for instant playback and download to your computer inside our protected members area.

4) Hand-Picked Articles.

We've got Six Categories for you to choose from each month: swim, bike, run, cross-training, nutrition and lifestyle. Whether you want to learn better time management skills for training, how to eat better, or the latest triathlon science and research, we dig through all the junk and choose the best and brightest articles from the top triathlon authors in the country, who we have convinced to provide exclusive content to the Rock Star Triathlete Academy.

5) Exclusive Technique Videos.

Every month, our triathlon trainers at the Rock Star Triathlete Academy take their video cameras out training - whether cycling, running, swimming or weightlifting. or into the gym, the pool or the kitchen. We provide you with clear step-by-step techniques for creating triathlon training recipes, triathlon transition tricks, tests of new fuel and products, swimming and running drills and techniques, and anything else our members ask for! In addition, we've persuaded several leading coaches to also provide us with exclusive triathlon video content for your viewing and learning pleasure.

6) Triathlon Tools Deep Discounts Directory.

The triathlon industry's top gear, fuel, book/DVD, coaching and lifestyle experts have agreed to provide exclusive discounts and product bonuses to the members of the Rock Star Triathlete Academy. Inside the academy Trusted Triathlon Tools area, you can browse and enjoy your instant access to discounts, savings, and bonus items that you won't find anywhere else!

7) Racing Insider Tips.

Every month, race directors from across the globe add their event to our rapidly expanding Racing Insider Tips. You'll get instant access to comments and discussion from other Rock Star members who have completed that race, coaching advice for that race from the Rock Star Triathlete Coaches, and discounts and coupons to featured events!

8) Unlimited Coach Access.

Inside our forum and on each and every Q&A call, you'll have unlimited access to your Rock Star Triathlete Academy coaches, to answer all your training and nutrition questions. This is the personalized advice that other triathletes are pyaing hundreds of dollars a month for - and you get it for next to nothing!

9) Full Forum Access.

On the Rock Star member's triathlon forum, you can ask questions about the training plans, videos, audios or articles, interact with other members of the Rock Star community, ask nutrition questions, and check out special announcements about bonus features inside the academy. Our coaches personally log into the forum each day to review your questions and engage in conversation with you!

10) Gold Wings Coach Call.

Each month, we randomly choose two lucky members for a "Gold Wings" coach call with Ben Greenfield, Kerry Sullivan and surprise guest experts and triathlon pros. During this personal 2-3 hour conference with the Rock Star Triathlete Academy coaches, we completely audit two lucky individuals' entire triathlon training and nutrition program, providing blueprints, tips and tricks and answering any and all of your questions LIVE. Members who get a Gold Wings call also receive a special prize in the mail from our sponsors! These Gold Wings calls are available for live listening, as well as post-call download to all academy members.

11) Triathlon Coach Upgrade Option!

If you're a triathlon coach, then you're going to love the $10 Triathlon Coach Upgrade Option inside our member's area! With this option and one click of a button, you get instant access to the exclusive Rock Star Triathlon Coach section of the Rock Star member's forum, where you can ask all your triathlon coaching business questions. But that's not all! You'll also get a monthly 2 hour "Business of Triathlon Coaching" call with Ben Greenfield and Kerry Sullivan, where you can learn how to help your athletes perform better while enhancing your career as a triathlon coach.

12) Qualify For Kona Upgrade Option!

If you're wanting to race on the Big Island in the Ironman triathlon World Championships in Hawaii, we'll teach you exactly what you need to get there. All our "Qualify For Kona" members have access to a private area of the forum focused on qualifying for Kona, special interviews with Kona pros and coaches, a Kona week race clinic with Rock Star Triathlete Academy coaches, and everything necessary to get to and race at the Big Island. But that's not all! You'll also get instant access to over 75 pages of jam-packed Kona qualifying material that tells you how to qualify and how to race on the Big Island: "How To Qualify For Kona".

<-- But MOST get instant access to our HUGE vault of 100% protected member content - over a hundred videos, audios and articles jam-packed with triathlon training material. As soon as you join, you immediately can begin downloading and consuming everything from the vault!

Your first killer bonus ($17 value) is free access to Ben Greenfield's book, Holistic Fueling For Triathletes, which was designed to be a comprehensive daily nutrition plan for endurance sports that goes far beyond simple “meal suggestions”. Rather than generic, run-of-the-mill eating information, you’ll receive an exact weekly plan for your early season training, building to a race, carb loading, race day fueling, and even off-season and recovery weeks. With the life of a busy Ironman triathlete in mind, the meal plan includes minimal meal preparation times and food choices that are easily accessible at commercial grocery stores.

In addition, nutritional supplements and ergogenic aids for each period of the training year are included, complete with discount codes and dosage suggestions. Most importantly, this plan is designed with your health in mind. You will have the ultimate solution to consuming thousands of calories without destroying your body. You’ll first learn the practical and easy-to-understand human science behind the nutrition plan, then you'll be given a detailed, no-guesswork meal plan, along with a final FAQ and dietary supplements section. When you join the Rock Star Triathlete Academy, you get instant access to download the entirety of "Holistic Fueling for Triathletes". $17 FREE TO CHARTER MEMBERS!

Your second killer bonus ($294 value) is free instant access to "The Triathlon Summit", an online series of twelve teleseminars with triathlon pros and experts (completely DIFFERENT than the twelve free teleseminars you may have found at the Rock Star Triathlete Academy).

When you join the academy, you'll be given a special link that will be available for you to listen to the entire Triathlon Summit, at no cost by phone or webcast! These are candid and informative interviews with world renowned triathlon experts, including coach Joe Friel, biomechanist Dr. Nicolas Romanov, power training expert Hunter Allen, recover specialist Cassidy Phillips, Kona expert Mike Ricci, sports psychologist Patrick Cohn, strength training guru JC Santana, pro coach Cliff English, nutrition expert Brendan Brazier, Ironman pro Sergio Borges, ultra-marathoner Dean Karnazes, and Triathlete magazine editor Brad Culp.

You get to listen to the entire Triathlon Summit from the comfort of your own home for free, and we give you instant access to all twelve when you join the academy! $294 FREE TO CHARTER MEMBERS!

So Let's Quickly Review What You're Getting
When You Join the Rock Star Triathlete Academy...

Weekly Coaching Q&A Calls with Ben Greenfield and Kerry Sullivan... Ask any and all questions you may ever have and get real-time feedback!

Free Triathlon Training Plans instant access to a free TrainingPeaks account loaded with 12 free triathlon training plans - beginner, intermediate and advanced blueprints for Sprint, Olympic, Half-Ironman and Ironman triathlon.

Expert Seminars with Leading Triathlon Experts ... more than just interviews, these are your opportunites to interact with the pros gurus.

Hand-Picked Articles … we dig through all the junk and choose the best and brightest articles from the top triathlon authors in the country!

Exclusive Technique Videos ... clear step-by-step techniques for creating triathlon training recipes, triathlon transition tricks, tests of new fuel and products, swimming and running drills and techniques, and anything else you ask for!

Triathlon Tools Directory... browse and enjoy your instant access to discounts, savings, and bonus items that you won't find anywhere else!

Racing Insider Tips ... the inside scoop and a directory of our top recommended races!
Community Club Content ... the opportunity to interact with other Rock Star triathletes in your area.
Full Forum Access ... browse discussions and ask questions to your Rock Star Triathlete Academy coaches.
Gold Wings Coach Calls ... automatic placement in our drawing for a monthly 2-3 hour Gold Wings coaching call with several lucky members.


Killer Bonus #1 - Holistic Fueling For Ironman Triathletes ... Ben Greenfield's essential guide to intelligently fueling your body for endurance sports.
Killer Bonus #2 - The Triathlon Summit ... instant free access to candid and informative interviews with world renowned triathlon experts.
$1 Charter Membership ... zero obligation, zero contracts, and the opportunity after 30 days to stay in the academy at a tuition of just $67!
Triathlon Coach Upgrade Option ... guidance for getting better athlete performance and maximizing your triathlon coach salary and triathlon coaching career!

"My Training Quality Has Completely
Exploded Through the Roof."

"I discovered Ben Greenfield and Kerry Sullivan's free audio teleseminars just a couple months ago, and I've gone from knowing next to nothing about how to train or how to eat to being the new triathlon expert in my local club. My training quality has completely exploded through the roof."

-Ron S., El Dorado Hills, CA

"This Information Goes Way Beyond Triathlon Coaching..."

When I found the academy, I thought it was just going to be generalized coaching advice...but this information goes way beyond triathlon coaching! They've got dozens of opportunities every month to ask any question you'll ever have, then as if that's not enough, it's all backed up with video how-to's, forums, articles, insider tips and a rockin' triathlon community. Thanks guys!

-Donovan B., Bozeman, MT

"This Website is Literally STUFFED with the Best Triathlon Training Audios, Videos & Articles that
I've ever seen."

After pouring through tons of different triathlon websites, books and magazines and trying several different triathlon programs over the years, I found the Rock Star Triathlete Academy to have the most up-to-date information and easy-to-understand advice. This website is literally stuffed with the best triathlon training audios, videos & articles that I've ever seen. Without a doubt, hooking up with the academy is the best decision that I've ever made in this sport.

- Patricia A., Clearwater, FL

"I Wish Something Like this Had Existed When I First Got Into Triathlon!"

The amount of valuable content that we can deliver with the system inside the academy is mind-boggling. I wish something like this had existed when I first got into triathlon!

- Kerry Sullivan, USAT, USACII, CSCS, NLP & Rock Star Triathlete Academy Co-Founder

"Everything That Is Necessary to Succeed in the Sport..."

This is literally the first time in my life where I feel like I'm bringing to the triathlon world everything that is necessary to succeed in the sport, all in one convenient place.

- Ben Greenfield - MS, NSCA-CPT, CSCS, CISSN & Rock Star Triathlete Academy Co-Founder

"I Feel Like I Actually Get Up Close and Personal Advice from Pro Triathletes!"

"When I'm asking my questions during the call in Q&A's, I feel like I actually get up close and personal advice from pro triathletes. That is a pretty special feeling to be talking with the people who I normally just see zoom by during the races!"

– Debbie D., Eagle, ID

"More than just triathlon advice..."

The information at the Rock Star Triathlete Academy is more than just triathlon advice. There's guidance on how to live a balanced lifestyle and still train for something like an Ironman triathlon, and how to make healthy and delicious recipes too!

-Natalie R., Alpena, MI

"Ben & Kerry Are the Real Deal..."

It's nice to get triathlon advice from coaches who actually sound like they have done some time in the trenches and actually done a wide range of races and training. Ben and Kerry are the real deal...thanks!

-Russell M., Austin, TX

"I Knew the Academy Was a Good Deal, But All My Friends Were Shocked When I Found Out That I Was Actually Being Coached..."

Ben and Kerry delivered far more than they promised. I knew the academy was a good deal, but all my friends were shocked when I found out that I was actually being coached for $67!

-Jim H., Durham, NC

"I'm Finally Getting Results!"

I've been stuck at a training plateau for at least the last couple of years, without getting faster at any of my swimming, cycling or running. After just listening to a couple of the teleseminars with Ben and Kerry, I'm finally getting results. I tried the tip about doing A, B and C drills, and I'm already running a faster 5K!

– Paul S., Enumclaw, WA

"This Is The Only Solution For All Triathletes."

"Ben and Kerry have given us a glimpse inside of their world. Because of the Rock Star Triathlete Academy it is now our world too. We have access to discount codes for gear, Ben's training programs, focused articles and webcasts. What I dig about the academy is how I can personalize it. I am able to pick a training plan for my skill level and how much information comes directly to me without having to lift a finger. This is the only solution for all triathletes."

-John L., Memphis, TN

"Real coaches that act like real people."

Rock Star just flat out rocks! Real coaches that act like REAL PEOPLE - approachable, honest - NO B.S.! These people are real and this year they will take me where I want to go! Rock on!

– Bob P.

"Experts who know what they are talking about!"

Great information on racing,training, nutrition, and more from experts who know what they are talking about!

– Carl

"Every time I sent a question, it was answered!"

I like the fact that every time I sent a question, it was answered and very helpful since I'm new to triathlons. I also liked the guest's that have been on. Kerry, Ben and Rock Star Triathlon rocks.

– Bob F., Berwick, Maine

"I have found it very informative and helpful."

I have found it very informative and helpful. Thank you so much for taking your time to educate us about triathlons.

– David S.

"Great information!"

I just joined but so far great information! I'm looking forward to more and have been thinking of questions to ask.

– Lisa

"Advice from seasoned triathletes."

These webinars give people the opportunity who perhaps can't afford a personal coach the advice from seasoned triathletes!

– Michael A.

"Minute details not typically covered in magazines..."

I'm a middle - back of the pack age grouper who dreams of becoming competitive in my age group one day. The information discussed during the Rock Star Triathlete calls, the minute details not typically covered in magazines, should allow me to shave significant time off my transitions. Keep up the good work!
– Stephen H.

"The knowledge I have gotten from nutrition to running and swimming advice is awesome!"

What isn't there to love about it? I have just started on this journey of endurance sports. After losing 58lbs over the last 2 years my sister and I have started doing sprint/tri's and love it. Although I don't have the confidence to say "hell ya Im gonna win" yet I do love the challeng and all the excitment of the journey. The knowledge I have gotten from nutrition to running and swimming advice is awesome.

– Pamela F.

"The experts you have and the questions are awesome."

The experts you have and the questions are awesome. Every other question is one that I would have asked had I not been on the road driving home after my Mon, Wed swim sessions. Great stuff - Thanks!

– Brian C.

"Not edited, nothing fake. It's up front and pertinent information."

I think that it's great to have well known, professional athletes and coaches speak directly to us age group athletes answering our questions. Not edited, nothing fake. It's up front and pertinent information.

– Jeremy H.


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