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Triathlon Teleseminar with Pro Triathlete Heather Golnick

At the bottom of this post, you can download the audio file to listen to at your computer OR while you swim, bike or run!

heather_running-In this triathlon expert teleseminar from the Rock Star Triathlete Academy, triathlon coach and pro Heather Golnick addresses listener questions, including:

Colter Hammer – Salt Lake City –
If my swim is not my “strong point”, should I train just to get through the swim? Should I focus on my strength in cycling and running and just maintain a good swim base ore really go after it?

kim – sarasota –
Heather I am on the rev3 site and I see you are working with Tara from the Biggest Loser. Can you tell us about it?

glori campbell – brooklyn, ny –
as a female athlete do you feel any energy loss during your menstrual cycle and if so, how do you handle it while training and during races? also has over-training ever affected your cycle? thank you!

zach – sandusky –
would the rev3 race in cedar point be a good one for my first iron distance event

Alex – Indianapolis –
im looking for a camp that includes Lactate threshold, VO2Max testing, Metabolic efficiency etc type testing early thins year but there are so many!!! any suggestions? im planning 3 half’s and a full in December this year.

Eric – Knoxville –
Heather can you tell us about your new Tri Series? Can age-groupers win money??  Justin – DC –
Did you have aspirations of going pro in your first couple years of racing? If not, how did that career choice come about?

Patrick – Smyrna, TN –
I have and have always had trouble keeping my fingers warm during winter bike rides. I already wear a good, cycling specific glove and a cotton base layer, and I still feel like I’m going to give myself frostbite on rides over an hour. Any advice?

Todd – Calgary –
Hi Heather, what are your top 3 tips for managing your IM training time and ensuring you don’t neglect your family. When are your ideal workout times?

scott – brown deer, wi (Approve)  Hey Heather, We all miss you at the Schroeder YMCA! Looking forward to your returning to see us in WI again. My question is: after all the life experiences you’ve had…what keeps you motivated for racing?

Robin – Mesa, AZ (Approve)  There are now several variations of the “5 hour energy” shots. What is the consensus on these products? Are they healthy? Do they help endurance athletes?

Lynn – Washington, DC (Approve)  Thanks for taking our questions Heather. I have a question about early morning work outs and planning eating before/ after. I run 6 miles or bike around 5:30 am- should I try to get up one hour earlier and eat something before hand? And if so, what do you reccomend?

Ted – San Francisco (Approve)  What do you suggest for doing IM 5 weeks after another IM- particularly biking and running workouts? Second one will be tougher course but higher probability of qualifying for Kona.

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