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How To Adjust The Cleats On Your Bike Shoes

In this video, Ben explains which directional changes in your cleat placement will affect your knees and performance in which way, and how to make those adjustments on your cleats.

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How to Prevent Knee Injury and Knee Pain

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By far the largest complaint I get from runners about running is that it’s so hard on their knees. Secretly, inside of me, I have my own complaint about running that is a little different. It’s that running is blamed for all the knee problems when in actuality it’s not running that is causing the injuries, it’s the way people run. Every time someone’s knee goes out and their friends ask them how it happened, they’re quick to respond, “it happened the other day while I was running.” The truth is that if you can work on your running technique so that there is minimal impact or undue stress to your knees, you’ll never have knee problems. It’s as simple as that.

Here are some ways to protect those precious knees and insure that you can run for many more years without the worry of having to give it all up someday because your knees are toasted.

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3 Quick Moves to Fix Your Knees

Knee pain often results from a weakness in the muscles around the knee combined with a lack of flexibility, often in the hips. A twisting low lunge addresses both problems, because it strengthens the quads and the muscles in the lower leg, while stretching the hip flexors, glutes, quads, and hamstrings, and increasing mobility in your spine.

Step 1. Step forward with your right foot, bringing your right knee directly over your right ankle in a low lunge. Your left knee and foot should rest on the floor. Inhale.

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