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Locavore and Vegetarian Triathlete and Triathlon Nutrition Q&A

In this Q&A with http://www.trismarter.com registered dietitian, locavore and vegetarian triathlete Bill Nadeau, we discuss the following topics:

-What is a locavore?

-What are challenges faced by vegetarian triathletes?

-How do you get your iron, B12 and amino acids as a vegetarian triathlete?

-Hey Bill, we’re planning our usual summer garden. Do you have any suggestions for what grows best, or is a great choice for a home garden?

-Hey Bill, up here in Western Canada we have a great local eating movement. However, we have little to no access to certain foods that are great for training, like avacado and bananas. There is a lot of discussion here at Farmer’s Markets about hybrid eating (i.e. 80% local, 20%international). Have you heard of this concept, and if so, do you have suggestions on how to best choose international foods that come from sustainable, farmer-direct sources? Any labels or specific words to look for (as we all know “organic” is overused…)?

-In addition to gels/blocks and perpetuem-type drinks, what kinds of fuel do you use for the bike/run when a.) you don’t want to fall off your bike fumbling with packaging and b.)chewing is a bit of a chore when you are clipping along pretty quickly?

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