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Running Drills

Running drills are a great way to build speed, efficiency, flexibility and technique. You can do these drills before every run.

Do these drills that Kerry Sullivan does in this video and you will notice an improvement in your running. Keep reading to access the video.

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How To Really Strike Your Foot When Running

There is often a lot of confusion on how one should strike on the front of the foot when running. This video explains the ins and out of correct foot strike.

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Explosive Running Drills To Make You Fly

These running drills, with coach Kerry, are a little more explosive in that there is a skipping element in them. This is valuable for creating speed as these drills will teach you to keep your foot on the ground for shorter amounts of time which will make you a faster and more efficient runner.

Do these constantly and you will notice a difference.

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Rock Star Fabulous Four Running Moves

In this video, Kerry Sullivan demonstrates 4 essential “fabulous four” moves for becoming a better runner. Continue reading