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The Inner Roadblocks to Your Potential (Video 5 of 8)

To succeed at your highest level, you certainly need ambition and motivation.

But those alone are not enough.

Chris explains one thing that holds all of us back at times from achieving our best and guides you to identify your personal roadblocks, and chart a new route to staying on track, on target and inspired throughout your triathlon season.

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The Key to Achieving Big Goals (Video 4 of 8)

There is one ingredient to your 2012 triathlon plans that makes a tremendous difference in your chances of achieving your biggest goals and triathlon dreams.

In this video, Chris Janzen of TriathleteMind.com explains how this element strengthens the two big factors for making your ‘impossible’ possible.

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Set Inspiring Goals for Your 2012 Season (Video 3 of 8)

How can you tell if you have the “right” goals for this season?

In this video, Chris guides you to the four features of great goals and gets you focused on your top priorities for 2012.

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Planning Your Best Season Ever (Video 2 of 8)

Before you dive in and sign up for the same races as last season, it’s very helpful to step back and look at the big picture.

What would you love to experience in triathlon? How big do you think? What do you believe is possible for you?

In this video of Step 2 for planning your season, Chris Janzen gets you to think outside your current box before deciding on what you want to experience this season.

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