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Chris Janzen Interview

Chris is an expert strategist and coach in developing the clarity, mental strength and emotional endurance necessary to master the inner game of triathlon — the critical foundation for every triathlete’s performance. He is a life-long student and passionate practitioner of peak performance psychology and emotional mastery to achieve extraordinary results for his clients. He has a profound understanding of what drives behavior, decisions and motivation and how to remove internal conflicts in order to maximize the athlete’s success in one of the world’s most demanding sports.

Rock Star Triathlete coach Kerry Sullivan interviewed Chris recently and chris delivered some great strategies to assist triathletes be more successful mentally. To listen to the call listen below

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An 8 Day Challenge To Build Momentum In Your Training (Video 8 of 8)

Momentum is a powerful force. Sometimes it works in our favor and sometimes it works against us!

But rather than leaving it to chance, you can take specific steps to start building it immediately for more productive training and more effective days. In this video, Chris offers up an 8 Day Challenge to build that momentum and really get moving to make this a brilliant triathlon season for you.

Don’t just watch this video…take the challenge! :)

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Do You Have What It Takes To Achieve Your Best? (Video 7 of 8)

Even if you’re not an elite athlete, and even if you’re new to the sport, you can make it a great season if you have the right support team.

Finding the right resources is critical. You’ll learn a lot with the Rock Star community and coaches but you might be overlooking additional – and easy – elements to keep you on track with your training and racing goals.

In this video, Chris introduces a simple and intelligent way to identify what you have and what you need to have a remarkable season of triathlon. Watch here… Continue reading

How To Stay On Track With Your Big Goals (Video 6 of 8)

Over a long season of training, it can be hard at times to maintain your high levels of motivation or feel like you’re making good progress.

In this video, Chris guides you to setting mini goals on the path to your big ones. Getting rewarded along the way and stacking successes can give you an extra boost each and every month. Watch here… Continue reading