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Triathlon Lifestyle Q&A with triathlon coach Lee Gardner

In this triathlon lifestyle Q&A with TriSmarter.com coach Lee Gardner, Lee answers questions from listeners about cramping indoor training and morning workouts, and also gives his personal key tips from this article on TriFuel.

David – California

Two part question: I think this question will be appropriate for the guest speaker. I find the vast majority of triathlon training plans one can purchase, by their generalized nature, are volumne driven — meaning they dictate X number of hours of training per week without regard to the athlete’s available training box size. If I can use an analogy …. Life is a box and one’s available time to train is also a box that must fit within one’s Life box. I believe any training plan that does not first begin with establishing the size of the athlete’s training box is inherently flawed. As such, with an off-the-shelf training plan, how can one modify/tweak a training plan’s volume/duration requirements to fit one’s life while still being sufficient enough to have a successful event? Depending on the type of event, is there a point of too little volume? [I think the answer is yes] Can the lack of volume/duration time be made up by training at higher intensities….in other words is the training load/stress approx equivalent between, for example at 4 hour ride at Zone 1-2 and a 2 hour ride at Zone 3-4?

Jim and Vikki – Spokane

What makes a coach very unhappy? What makes a coach really happy?

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