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5 C’s for Being a Successful Triathlete in 2012

We’re capable of so much more than we realize.

Most of us know precious little about what makes it possible to achieve and sustain excellence (in sport and in life), especially as the speed and complexity of demand in our lives rise relentlessly.

But experience and research shows there clear, common traits that form a rock-solid foundation for success.

I’ve summarized them down to the 5 C’s – a simple framework for not only understanding what’s needed, but also to help you identify where there is, or might be, a gap.

A gap that creates the weak link in your performance chain.

A gap that doesn’t allow you to consistently fire on all cylinders.

A gap that ultimately leads you to be less than you’re capable of and feeling disappointed, frustrated or confused as to why your ‘hard work’ didn’t translate to your best result. Continue reading

Learn From The Best

Recently I got an E mail from a Rock Star Triathlete Member challenging me to put together videos of how you should swim, bike and run at the absolute peak of performance. Thus I have decided to take on this challenge =)

I believe that looking at video of elite athletes is a great way to learn. I think that when you look at kids today and why certain countries excel in particular sports, a lot of it is to do with exposure. Europe for example gets way more exposure to soccer on TV and in there over all culture compared to the US and as a result you see kids at the age of 16 in europe have more game and tactical awareness than kids in the US at the same age. But when you look at kids in the US playing american football at the age of 10 they can tell you what a play action fake is.

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