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Member Surprise Bonus #1 & #2! Off-Season Triathlon Training Webinars.

Rock Star Bonus Webinars from David Glover – links to webinars at bottom of this post.

Bonus Webinar #1:Planning Your Next Triathlon Season: From A to Z

With the 2009 triathlon season over, it’s time to start thinking about next year. This seminar will guide you through how to choose races and create an annual training plan designed to help you achieve your excellence in 2010.

Follow along with David Glover on your computer as he takes you through development of a sample annual training plan including best practices for race timing, periodization of your training and plenty of  Q&A at the end.

Bonus Webinar #2: Winter Training for Triathletes: Strategies for Managing the “Transition” Season

Bears hibernate in winter so why shouldn’t we? Nature sets an example what to do during the winter months but hibernation is a little too extreme for us triathletes, as we’ll give up too much of the aerobic fitness.

Follow along with Coach David Glover on your computer as he walks you through tips and techniques to help you navigate the “transition” from one season to the next that will set you up for success in 2010!

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