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Nutrition / Strength Training Q&A Call with Endurance Strength & Conditioning expert Yuri Elkaim TONIGHT!

Yuri (pictured at the top of this post) is an expert on iPod workouts, fat loss fitness, athletic conditioning and raw diets. Check out his page at http://www.yurielkaim.com . He has really good information on combining a healthy lifestyle with sports like triathlon. In our interview, he answers the following question:

Should I eat differently on strength training days vs. running, cycling or swimming days?

I know that some carbohydrates are digested differently, because of the GI. But as far as workouts go, when should you take high GI vs low GI carbohydrates?

Is Whey Protein a type of non-vegetarian, animal food that would be considered acidic?

What about grains? Are they acidic?

I’ve been experimenting alot with chia seed lately as a fuel for long distance bikes and runs. I understand it’s a good source of Omega3’s but am not sure of any other nutrients (i.e. carbs). Have you used Chia seed or another raw food equivalent during your training? Any other suggestions for unprocessed training foods? Thanks!

Do you believe in taking amino acid supplements?

I am having some slight pain behind my right leg, the inside large tendons that go from knee up to the hamstring. It is not really bad, but I’m a little hesitant to go hard again for fear of having a full blown injury. I’ve tried an epsom salt bath and did an ice massage after the bike ride. I was trying to keep my cadence between 95 and 100 which is fairly easy for me, so I do not feel like I was working to hard. Can anyone help me with maybe some ideas as to what I’m dealing with. I have a lot to do this week to continue my preparation for the Boise HIM. Anything would be appreciated!

Whats the best way I can get faster on the bike and to maintain that speed over the course of a race? And should the way I train be different for a getting faster at half Ironman distance vs. Olympic distance?

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