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Triathlon Travel Part 4: What To Pack With Your Bike.

In this video, Ben Greenfield shows you what to pack along with your bike when you’re traveling on an airplane to a triathlon. In the next video of this series, Ben will show you how to actually tear down and build up your bike for travel.

The bike case used in this video is by RusterSports

RusterSports – RusterSports, owned by pro triathlete TJ Tollakson, produces a bike carrying case called the Hen House that allows your bike to fly with you, checked as regular luggage! So rather than paying $100-$150 each way to take your bike to the race, your bike flies at a fraction of the cost. TJ has clear videos that show you exactly how to pack your bike, so there’s no guesswork, and pure protection for your valuable equipment. Rock Star Triathlete Academy members can use the code at the end of this post to get free shipping to anywhere in the US!

They’re flying off the shelves (no pun intended) since they pay for themselves with just 2 trips, so if it shows out of stock, TJ said to just e-mail him with the form on the website and he’ll hook you up. Read for the free code? Just keep reading…

USE CODE “Ben13” at