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Anything is Possible, Kona 2012 by John Post, MD

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Runnin’ Down a Dream


The finish line in Kona about 12 hours after race start.

“ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE” This is one of the catch phrases of Ironman, one you hear frequently in Hawaii. You both hear it as well as see it. Some even live it.

There are so many heart warming stories that come out of this race each year. A good number of the first timers do not meet their expectations and on the morning after the race, honest evaluations of the heat and conditions seep into the conversations for the first time. “Mother Nature always bats last,” or some such phrase might be overheard. In spite of this, the athletes share this common bond with the island as they lean back, close their eyes and recall particular portions of their day…both bad and good. And then they smile. That wry smile that comes only with experience.

The above photo is from ALII DRIVE, the finish line, where so many stories evolve. You hear them on race night, “I was just cruising down Alii Drive, man!,” or at the Finishers Banquet, “The huge party at midnight at the finish line on Alii Drive was just awesome.” Alii Drive, milepost zero, where it all starts and finishes.

By any other name it will always be Alii to the finishers:


NOVEMBER – Dreaming and planning time. (Part one)

You know how on January 2nd, when you can’t get a locker at the health club or gym, and you’re used to having light conversations with the regulars, but now there a lots of new folks and the air is almost festive with excitement? Unfortunately, you know from experience that in 60 days it’ll be back to the same old crowd.

Triathletes are the same…dreamers all, and at this time of year, they’re reviewing recent races, successes and failures, saying, “If I can train just a little harder next year I can take the age group…or get that slot…” Maybe what they need is to train smarter not harder, to reduce garbage work outs, to reduce injuries, or at least be able to train through them. Listen to the words of folks like Ben Greenfield, always at the cutting edge of triathlon improvement. In other words, create your plan mostly with your head and not your heart. Come race season, maybe if you’re lucky, anything will be possible.


Next week, back to business as the triathletes injury resource. Happy training everyone.