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Rock Star Triathlete Videos

Hand Position While Swimming

Rock Star Triathlete coach Kerry Sullivan talks about hand position while swimming.

What Equipment Will Really Make You Faster On The Bike

In this Video, Rock Star Triathlete coach Kerry Sullivan, talks about what pieces of equipment on your bike will really help to make you faster. Continue reading

How To Plan Your Race Season

In this video, Ben Greenfield walks you through how to get a good idea of how the overview of your season should look by showing you exactly how he maps out his personal 2011 race season with a simple Word document and calendar. Continue reading

Kevin Koskella Swim Guru – Live Video Workshop Now Available For Your Viewing and Learning!

Kevin Koskella has been coaching Masters Swim Teams in San Francisco and San Diego since 2001 and being an accomplished swimmer, has earned the highly prized All-American status at the college level. Kevin is a leader in aiding the beginner and experienced triathlete towards excellence in the swimming portion of the race.

He is also the owner of a highly regarded web site in the triathlon training world.

To watch now, just keep reading!

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Live Video Spreecast For Our Members – Monday Night, Feb 25 At 9PM EST / 6PM PST

Member’s only live video Spreecast!

Come ask Ben and Kerry all your triathlon related questions live via video and chat Monday, 2/25 at 9PM EST / 6PM PST

Attend live or enter your triathlon training and nutrition questions in the player below…this is your chance to take advantage of the live coaching that comes with your Rock Star Triathlete Academy membership…

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Shoulder Strengthening and Swim Warm Up

In this video, Kerry Sullivan takes you through some basic exercises to strengthen and warm up your shoulder before swimming. Keep reading to access the video now!

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Running Drills

Running drills are a great way to build speed, efficiency, flexibility and technique. You can do these drills before every run.

Do these drills that Kerry Sullivan does in this video and you will notice an improvement in your running. Keep reading to access the video.

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How To Dress Like A Rock Star Triathlete

In this video, Rock Star Triathlete Academy coach Ben Greenfield shows you 3 ways to get free triathlon racing and trainig clothing…check under the video to see it all spelled out for you!

1) Tweet your triathlon training workouts with #rockstartri and include “@rockstartri” so we see it!

2) Do the swim, bike and run weekly workouts in the Rock Star Triathlete forum

3) Send us a YouTube video telling us why you love the Rock Star Triathlete Academy!

How To Run.

In this video Kerry Sullivan talks about the basics of running technique. Often, running technique is overlooked but it is great way to gain speed with you building more fitness. Keep reading to access the video…

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