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The Rock Star Triathlete Academy was designed to give all levels, ages and abilities in the sport of triathlon the opportunity to learn from handpicked articles, listen to real-time audio, watch customized videos that cater to exactly your needs, and interact with experienced coaches who treat you like real people and earnestly desire to fulfill your triathlon needs.

Here is exactly what you will find 
inside the Rock Star Triathlete Academy (below is a video intro from Ben Greenfield, and there are several other videos on this page that show you what to expect!)


Free Triathlon Training Plans.

When you join the academy, you receive instant access to a free TrainingPeaks account loaded with 12 free triathlon training plans – beginner, intermediate and advanced blueprints for Sprint, Olympic, Half-Ironman and Ironman triathlon. Whether you’re totally new to the sport, or gunning for a podium spot, the academy plans are all you’ll ever need to be completely prepared for your event with zero guesswork. These plans normally retail for $99-$159, but you get instant access as a member, along with full plan support through our forums and coaching calls. Of course, there are tons of other bonus materials too! Watch this video to see what our members have access to:

Teleseminars with Leading Triathlon Experts.
We’ve persuaded triathlon’s leading scientists, physicians, pro athletes, nutritionists, coaches and trainers to appear at the Rock Star Triathlete Academy. All these calls are available for instant playback and download to your computer inside our protected members area. In the 10 minute video below, Ben shows how you can get the most out of the audio features at the academy.

Hand-Picked Articles.
We’ve got Six Categories for you to choose from each month: swim, bike, run, cross-training, nutrition and lifestyle. Whether you want to learn better time management skills for training, how to eat better, or the latest triathlon science and research, we dig through all the junk and choose the best and brightest articles from the top triathlon authors in the country, who we have convinced to provide exclusive content to the Rock Star Triathlete Academy.screenshot1

Exclusive Technique Videos.
Every month, our triathlon trainers at the Rock Star Triathlete Academy take their video cameras out training – whether cycling, running, swimming or weightlifting. or into the gym, the pool or the kitchen. We provide you with clear step-by-step techniques for creating triathlon training recipes, triathlon transition tricks, tests of new fuel and products, swimming and running drills and techniques, and anything else our members ask for! In addition, we’ve persuaded several leading coaches to also provide us with exclusive triathlon video content for your viewing and learning pleasure. The video below shows even more video features within the academy…

kerryvideo Triathlon Tools Directory.
The triathlon industry’s top gear, fuel, book/DVD, coaching and lifestyle experts have agreed to provide exclusive discounts and product bonuses to the members of the Rock Star Triathlete Academy. Inside the academy Trusted Triathlon Tools area, you can browse and enjoy your instant access to discounts, savings, and bonus items that you won’t find anywhere else!

Racing Insider Tips.
Race directors from across the globe add their event to our rapidly expanding Racing Insider Tips. You’ll get instant access to comments and discussion from other Rock Star members who have completed that race, coaching advice for that race from the Rock Star Triathlete Coaches, and discounts and coupons to featured events! In the video below, Ben Greenfield shows how to access the racing insider tips section:

Social Networking.
Within the academy, you have instant access to a supportive group of fellow triathletes and coaches who will be interacting with you on a daily and weekly basis. You can add people as friends, track activity and post on their wall, add comments, subscribe to forum threads, and much more. Whether it’s training tips, nutrition feedback, or race reports, there is a always a lively discussion happening! In the video below, Ben Greenfield walks through many of the social networking features:

forumshotFull Forum Access.
On the Rock Star member’s triathlon forum, you can ask questions about the training plans, videos, audios or articles, interact with other members of the Rock Star community, ask nutrition questions, and check out special announcements about bonus features inside the academy.