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Free Membership For Patrick

Congrats to Patrick, who sent us a picture of himself sporting the Rock Star Jet Black Tech T-Shirt and got a free month’s membership. Here’s what Patrick said:

Hey guys,

Just got back from Ironman Florida. Went down for the weekend to volunteer and punch my ticket for next year. The picture is an overlook of the bikes the night before the race. I caught bikes in T2 all day; literally the first pro to the last AGer at 5:29:47pm. I came back later and handed out space blankets from 9 to midnight. It was a great experience seeing IM from the “other side;” gave me a much deeper appreciation for how much volunteers truly sacrifice that day. Racing’s still harder tho! :-)

Look forward to IM #4 next November.

Patrick Allen
Smyrna, TN

Last month, in this post you can read by clicking here, we told you that we’re now giving a free month of membership to any Rock Star Triathlete Academy members who send us a picture or video in the Rock Star Cycling Kit or Rock Star Jet Black Tech T-Shirt.

Here’s the deal:

-You must be at a triathlon or triathlon event.

-We’ll triple your free month of membership if you’re on the race podium and we verify the results.

Here’s a little incentive to get you started. At (or below) you can use code ROCKFIVE for a $5 discount on the t-shirts and code ROCK20 for a $20 discount on the cycling kits! You can even combine the codes, so enjoy.

Rock on, and see you at the races,
Ben & Kerry

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