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Dear Triathlon Enthusiast,

We’re excited that you’ve made it this far.

You’re about to be a part of triathlon history.

You see, traditionally, to get top-notch triathlon coaching and have all your questions instantly answered at the snap of your fingers, you had to either pay big bucks or know somebody important.

And if you wanted to go out and learn tips, tricks and techniques for the complete beginner triathlete to see how to set-up a race transition area to the seasoned expert who wants to learn how to shave a few seconds off their race time, you had to go search all over the library, the bookstore and the internet for the training, audios, videos and articles that just might point you in the right direction.

But just imagine if you tried to learn how to play basketball, operate a computer, or fix your car by wandering aimlessly around and just “picking stuff up” as you learned it … it’d be time-consuming, frustrating, and full of mistakes and errors!

Learning the sport of triathlon is no different. You can either try to figure things out on your own, or you can get laser-focused access to exactly what you want to learn for your sport of triathlon right when you need it, in a personal, friendly and easy-to-understand format.

And that is exactly why we have launched …

… the planet’s first-ever online triathlon school …

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“Real coaches that act like real people.

Rock Star just flat out rocks! Real coaches that act like REAL PEOPLE – approachable, honest – NO B.S.! These people are real and this year they will take me where I want to go! Rock on!

– Bob P.


“Experts who know what they are talking about!

Great information on racing,training, nutrition, and more from experts who know what they are talking about!

– Carl


“Every time I sent a question, it was answered!”

I like the fact that every time I sent a question, it was answered and very helpful since I’m new to triathlons. I also liked the guest’s that have been on. Kerry, Ben and Rock Star Triathlon rocks.

– Bob F., Berwick, Maine


I have found it very informative and helpful.”

I have found it very informative and helpful. Thank you so much for taking your time to educate us about triathlons.

– David S.


“Great information!

I just joined but so far great information! I’m looking forward to more and have been thinking of questions to ask.

– Lisa


“Advice from seasoned triathletes.

These webinars give people the opportunity who perhaps can’t afford a personal coach the advice from seasoned triathletes!

– Michael A.


“This Is The Only Solution For All Triathletes.”

“Ben and Kerry have given us a glimpse inside of their world. Because of the Rock Star Triathlete Academy it is now our world too. We have access to discount codes for gear, Ben’s training programs, focused articles and webcasts. What I dig about the academy is how I can personalize it. I am able to pick a training plan for my skill level and how much information comes directly to me without having to lift a finger. This is the only solution for all triathletes.”

-John L., Memphis, TN