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Rock Star Triathlete Academy Deal of the Week: HighCadenceCoffee

Coffee is an integral part of many athlete’s days. A great cup before a morning run or ride, a midway stop for an espresso on Saturday morning or enjoying a cup before having to start the work day, you owe it to yourself to truly enjoy your coffee experience.

High Cadence features 13 varieties of the finest coffee beans found anywhere in the world. Their beans are purchased from farmers and cooperatives in storied regions known for their high quality, hand sorting and care in raising and harvesting their beans. High Cadence offers a variety of Free Trade, Direct Trade and organic beans from countries including Ethopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Indonesia and others.

However, just having the right bean doesn’t guarantee great coffee. High Cadence beans are artisan roasted in small batches using different roast profiles to highlight and compliment the wonderful flavors locked inside. Every order is shipped fresh, whole bean or ground to your preference. Additionally, they know the care they take in roasting their beans comes through in the cup. High Cadence is so confident in the exquisite quality and taste of their coffee, they offer a 100% Excellence guarantee.

Where the difference is with High Cadence is how much they give back and where it goes. 15% of all sales…not 15% of profits or a “portion of the proceeds” but 15 cents of every dollar goes to supporting Women’s Cycling and trying to create opportunities in the sport. From providing racing scholarships to get new girls into the sport, to supporting women coaches focused on helping women, to events and more, they want to see more women on bikes, enjoying a lifetime sport.

So, pick up a voucher (or 3) and save on some of the best coffee anywhere. From their elegant Gavia Espresso to their Peloton El Salvador Los Ausoles to the incredible Echelon Kenya French Mission, your day will start out better.

Trinero is thrilled to offer this deal that supports cycling. With today’s rising coffee prices, this $7 for $12 coupon is an even better deal for great coffee. There is a limited quantity, so sprint to get yours and know you’re doing your part to support sport while enjoying a great cup.

*After Trinero purchase, you will receive an exclusive one-time promo code to use on the High Cadence Coffee website.  Click here to grab this deal!