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Rock Star Triathlete Academy Deal of the Week: Save 40% on custom Infinit Nutrition

Your body is a rocket, and what you put in it is your rocket fuel. When you’re out on a long ride or in the heat of a race, you have to have your nutrition dialed in just right to give you that boost you need for optimal performance. Getting in the right blend of carbohydrates and electrolytes to feed your body in motion has long been a tricky science, but not anymore. At Infinit Nutrition you can now create a custom-blended nutrition solution that is unique to you and your specific nutritional demands. Infinit has a long history of success in endurance sports, working with top endurance athletes and teams to develop premium customized nutrition designed specifically for real-world training and race conditions.

You’ll start by working in-depth with an Infinit Team member to set up your own custom mix. Together you’ll create your blends based on your specific performance needs. Infinit’s website and patent-pending Osmo-Fit Osmolality technology allows you to fully adjust calories per serving, electrolytes, flavor, and 5 other distinct nutritional properties to match nutritional and race-day environment requirements. Simplicity is the key for performance. Your personal Infinit formula will completely replace all gels, bars, salt pills with your personal mix and it will taste exactly how you want. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Infinit is the Official Drink Manufacturer of 2011 Team Garmin-Cervelo, creating a line of custom-blended nutrition drinks made exclusively to team specifications and to match the nutritional demands of professional racing and the team’s 2011 grand tour schedule.

Trinero is excited to bring you this great deal from Infinit Nutrition. You’ll save 40% on a large bag of your own custom mix from Infinit Nutrition! Whether you’re training for a sprint tri, an Olympic tri, or an Ironman you’ll be sure to find the right blend for your unique racing needs. This offer won’t last long, so click here to grab this deal today!