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Rock Star Triathlete Academy Deal of the Week: Suit Juice Total Package


Your wetsuit is not only an investment in your sport, it’s an investment in you.  If you can’t get in-and-out of your suit easily, if it chafes or gives you a rash, wears out prematurely or just smells, it makes training and competing a lot less fun.

Suit Juice is a multi-functional wet suit lubricant. It simplifies the entry and exit from all wet suits, dry suits and neoprene accessories. Suit Juice prevents chafing, provides rash protection, and decreases transitions for triathletes. It neutralizes and eliminates uric acids and oils naturally caused by the human body. Such acids will destroy latex and increase fading to neoprene. Using Suit Juice regularly helps condition the suit and protects it over time. Suit Juice has been recommended by athletes just like you, tested in labs top wetsuit developers.

Suit FRESH is the first product to clean, remove odors and condition your suit all in one. It is made with organic ingredients. It eliminates odors, uric acids, sweat, salts and sunscreen. EZ sprayer to make cleaning wetsuits fast, effective and easy.  Suit FRESH does not require pre-mixing or a multiple step cleaning process. 
Suit Fresh is equipped with a sprayer. Point, shoot, agitate lightly and rinse. 
Bottle is recyclable and BPA Free!

Slider is a multi-purpose, long-lasting anti-chafe cream and skin moisturizer. 
Slider is made from natural ingredients to provide support against skin friction, rashes, blisters and other irritation. Slider contains no toxins and is even safe for babies. Slider is loaded with antioxidants, rich in Vitamin A and E to help balance the oils in your skin. Whether you are a ride a horse, a weekend warrior or training for a marathon, Slider provides protection for anyone that experiences discomfort.

Your wetsuit and your skin are important and taking care of it should be just as important to maximize your performance and enjoyment while minimizing your transition.  Make this transition easier and get this deal from North Shore Industries.  Click here to grab this deal!