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Rock Star Barefoot Treadmill Running

In this video, Ben Greenfield demonstrates how to practice barefoot running indoors when all you have are socks and a treadmill – what to avoid and what to focus on.

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Rock Star Pudding

In this video, Ben Greenfield walks you through a fantastic recipe for chocolate pudding that is actually a healthy alternative to chocolate ice cream or Jello brand chocolate pudding – and is also a fantastic source of omega 3 fats and medium chain triglycerides!

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Rock Star Supplements

In this video, Ben Greenfield answers a member request for video content of morning pill-popping by hopping out of bed and walking you through the ideal morning routine of taking your health and performance enhancing boosters!

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Rock Star Race Season Planning

In this video, Ben Greenfield walks you through how to get a good idea of how the overview of your season should look by showing you how he maps out his 2010 race season with a simple Word document and calendar.

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Member Triathlon Q&A #1 with Ben Greenfield & Kerry Sullivan

In this exclusive member’s only call, which you can download at the bottom of this post, Ben & Kerry answer listener questions, and Ben gives a comprehensive overview of how to get the most out of your membership to the Rock Star Triathlete Academy!

Pam  – Bala Cynwyd, PA

My question is about strength training. I understand that there are different phases to strength training, but I am overwhelmed with all of the information out there. So I am glad that we now have access to Ben’s 12 Resistance Training routines. How should that be applied to a specific training plan? For ex. I plan on doing an Olympic at the end of June and then a Half IM the 3rd. week of sept. I am not sure how to lay out my strength training. Thank you!


How important is core and strength training for your swim? I have been told by a few coaches that swimming is about technique not strength. My swim speed just doesn’t seem to be improving and I wonder how much I would benefit by introducing strength training?

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Triathlon Coaching Teleseminar #5 With Coaches Ben Greenfield & Kerry Sullivan!

At the bottom of this post, you can download the audio file to listen to at your computer OR while you swim, bike or run!


-In this triathlon tips teleseminar from the Rock Star Triathlete Academy, triathlon coaches Ben Greenfield and Kerry Sullivan answer listener questions AND explain more about what the Rock Star Triathlete Academy actually is!

Mary – Parker, co   How do I figure out nutrition for my first 1/2 Ironman?

Roger – Nixa, Missouri   How much time do you devote to strength training if any, and how do you incorporate it into your routine. Specifically 70.3 distance.

Kent Buckson – Rehoboth Beach, Delaware   Hi Kerry and Ben…. Could you please give me some advice on bike training when using cadence. Currently, I am riding 3x’s a week – 1 hour for 25 miles. What should my cadence be for warm up, main workout and cool down? I have read that 90 rpm’s is a good target range. Also what is the best cadence for warm up and cool down?

Michael – Chicago, IL   I am competing in my first Ironman this year: Louisville. Do you need to prepare differently due to the swim being in the Ohio River?

Mike Dern – San Mateo, CA   Would a tubular wheelset really make difference compared to a clincher set? As an intermediate racer doing 70.3’s, I am using Zipp 808 clinchers.

Diana – Stittsville, Canada   I’ve been training successfully with perceived exertion for many years but I’m being pressured by my training pals to consider using tools such as the Garmin Forerunner or even a heartrate monitor (which I’ve used in the past and never paid attention to). What are your thoughts on using these gadgets compared to RPE?

Ryan – Lethbridge Alberta   If I am forced to miss a swim bike or run workout during the week is it better to miss a hard interval workout or a long workout? In other words which workout during the week will give me the greatest benefit?

Deb – Ottawa, Canada   I’ve signed up for 3 half ironman races in 3 consecutive months in the upcoming 2010 racing season. The grand finale is the Muskoka 70.3 in Sept. I’m devotedly building my base now and am working on my limiter – running – very devotedly as well. What is the best way o taper for events which are only 4-5 weeks apart?

Todd – Austin, TX   I’ve been reading that Vitamin D should be taken with some kind of oil, in order to be absorbed completely. Have you heard of Vit. D in oil gelcaps? I’m having trouble finding them in stores.

Debbie – Charlotte, NC   What’s you advice on supplements? There are some new companies(ie. Kona Endurance, I know you can’t say the name on air)that are making huge claims that their supplements have contributed to the success of a list of some pretty impressive athletes. My concern is that someone new to triathlon might really think that these types of supplements are a necessary part of the sport. Help us sypher through marketing vs. healthy supplements. Thanks!!

Veronica Geist – St. Petersburg, FL   Hi Ben, I will be racing my first Iron Distance October, 2010. My last triathlon was a 1/2 IM in 2005. I was converted to road/crit racing, but I’m back. I get such race anxiety that by the time the race begins I feel so depleted (because I’m in the bathroom at least 5 times before a given race). It is even difficult to eat prior to a race. How does one get mentally prepared to race? Do you just put yourself out there and race, or is there some sort of mental preparation I can be doing?

Albert – Pennsylvania   Like many people, I have a full time career and have to carefully plan my training calendar. There are times when I have to cancel a training session due to other obligations… What is the best way to adjust training when that happens and also the psychological disappointment of a missed session?

Stan – Miami   do you have experience in the use of a Fast Lane as part of traditional swimming programs that utilize distance as the core of the events?

Stan – Miami   What are your opinions in the use of fatigue rates in determining the pace of interval sessions for the swim, bike and run?

Bob Farrell – Berwick Maine   What are good workouts to do on a bike trainer to work on endurance?

Rae – Port Elizabeth, South Africa   Greetings from South Africa, I seem to struggle with motivation in the last 3 or so weeks before an A race. As my training starts tapering I become ‘lazy’ because my training is not as far etc. and I become less focussed even though the big race is right around the corner. This leaves me training to little and ruining my race, how do I combat this? Shot!

Graeme – Sydney, Australia   Last year I did my first Ironman (Australia) and then did Hawaii IM in October. I have also moved towns and dont have my training buddies around. After a year like that am finding it very hard to set new goals and therefore get motivated. Any tips on what to do for people post Kona ?

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Triathlon Coaching Teleseminar #4 With Coaches Ben Greenfield & Kerry Sullivan!

At the bottom of this post, you can download the audio file to listen to at your computer OR while you swim, bike or run!


-In this triathlon tips teleseminar from the Rock Star Triathlete Academy, triathlon coaches Ben Greenfield and Kerry Sullivan answer listener questions AND also include a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT at the end of the audio!

Aaron – Kingwood –  I am very lean and in good shape, but I feel like my skin is sort of loose. My nutritionist mentioned that increasing my healthy fat intake (I have pretty low body fat) might help this. Do you know anything about this?

Mark – Adelaide, AUS –  When is the best time to take a daily multi-vitamin e.g. immediately post-workout with a 4:1 carb:protein recovery drink?

Kim – Toronto –  I had to stop doing races as I was not nervous for any races but I would lay in bed awake the night before no matter almost every time. I have heard this is common.

Ryan – Lethbridge –  My first race of the year is a half iron man followed by an olympic four weeks later. What should my last few weeks of my half ironman training and the four training weeks in between look like to optimize performance in both races?

Bob P – Valparaiso Indiana –  Weight Loss — I need to drop my LAST 20 lbs — but I need to get ready for my Primary race in the end of Aug. What’s the BEST way to ensure PROPER nutrition to allow maximum training (IAW a plan) — yet lose weight –

Bill – Charlotte –  When I try to swim faster, I tend to loose form and my stroke count goes way up. How can I avoid it?

Bob P – Valparaiso Indiana –  Thank you for this opportunity! When will RockStar be available? I am wanting to use Ben Olympic Distance Plan this year! I read about it on Training Peaks

Cathy – Vancouver –  Is it a good idea for me to have my first tri as the olympic distance? I am slightly overweight, looking to lose weight but am still athletic and love training for all of the events separately, but am not sure if i can build up that endurance by middle of may (that’s when the race is) Thanks!

Chuck – Virginia Beach –  This is a longer 2-part question so I apologize in advance. What is difference between using 8-12 reps and lifting for “strength” and using 3-6 reps and lifting for “mass”? Isn’t it the overall goal to get stronger? so whats the differnece between mass and strength. Stemming from this, if 2 triathletes were on the exact same endurance and lifting programs, but one was doing resistance training with heavier weights and in a 3-6 reps range, and the other was using weights that allowed for the 8-12 reps, what would be the overall effects on their training? Would won be getting better results in terms of their triathon performance than the other? Thanks a lot guys

Alex – Indianapolis –  If my legs get heavy/fatigued on a bike trainer without my HR climbing out of zone 2/3 regularly does that indicate that i need to focus on strength more than fitness?? or is that assumption incorrect? thanks guys you rocK !!

Alex – Indianapolis –  What kind of training in terms of frequency, intensity & duration does an “age group winner” do a week for an ironman race? Are they basically pros with jobs??!

Patrick Tullock – Osaka Japan –  One more guys.What’s the best course of action when you know the “bonk” is coming on? Cheers  stan patino – port of spain; Trinidad –  a fellow athlete having run a half marathon found a lot of salt on her face, neck and shoulders. Why is this? and will it be worse in the full marathon?

Patrick Tullock – Osaka Japan –  Hi Guys,Thanks for all the info so far.Great job!!My Q is this..What is the difference between 172.5 and 175 bike cranks in performance? I’ve always ridden with 172.5 but recently rode my friends bike which has 175.5..We are the same height at 180 but he has longer legs.I’ve only had chance to use his bike once and noticed quite a difference but won’t have chance to test ride it in all conditions and terrain.look forward to the answer.Cheers

Brian Zobel – Haddonfield, New Jersey –  Ben, Saw your article “Six Key Biological Performance Factors” in Triathlete magazine. On you discussion of Ph levels you talk about an important mineral to balnace things being magnesium. What levels should an active training triathlete be looking for or taking in daily? Second part of the question can you speak more on magnesium and sleep levels?

Scotty – San Clemente –  I have very poor range of motion in my left shoulder and almost always sink when I breathe on that side. Breathing on the right side feels great. If I train on one side only will i get lopsided?

Scotty – San Clemente –  I get 8 hours sleep, great nutrition content (timing might be wrong), ice, and try not to over train but still feel just barely good enough to train each day. How can I recover better?

Odd Hansen – Oslo norway –  I haave just started with triathlon, and i have a goal to start at Norseman extreme tri. next year. I ned some advice for the swim training.

ryan brutocao – Portland, OR –  i loved your video about the ‘one workout you must do’ on the bike trainer. could you guys make a video like this for swimming? i find it difficult to get good swimming technique information on the internet, and i am a pretty visual learner. thanks a ton!

Debbie – Charlotte NC –  Is there a way to know whether or not the water you are expected to swim in on race day is actually safe and not contaminated beyond safe levels? Can we really trust race directors who have so much invested in the race that they would risk the health of all of the competitors? Shouldn’t water quality be posted so we can make our own decision on whether to race or not?

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Triathlon Coaching Teleseminar #3 With Coaches Ben Greenfield & Kerry Sullivan!

At the bottom of this post, you can download the audio file to listen to at your computer OR while you swim, bike or run!


-In this triathlon coaching teleseminar from the Rock Star Triathlete Academy, triathlon coaches Ben Greenfield and Kerry Sullivan answer listener questions AND also include their top 10 tips on staying healthy, as well as a BONUS tip at the end of the audio!

Susan R. – Ocean Springs, Mississippi – Since strong resistant knees require solid supportive muscles…….please share exact & precise drills/sets which could strengthen already ‘old & weakened’ knees…I’d love to run, again!…..or should I just walk, walk, walk, walk…..Thanks

Mike – how the hell do you take your bike overseas without a)getting the bike bent into scrap metal ~ which cases do you like / recommend? b) avoid being hit with a massive fee at every check in counter!!!?

Bob Farrell – Berwick Maine – I will be working on my swimming and endurance the first 3 1/2 months of 2010. What are good workouts to do for endurance?

Cindee – Oakville, Canada – I’m a 48yr old Mom of 3 (15yr,13yr,11yr) who volunteer at races. I work full time for an airline and have done 3 1/2IM’s amongst many shorter races. I live an incredbly busy life. I want to try my 1st IM in 2010. I have a Hip Flexor problem. any suggestions on a fix?

Carol – University Place, WA – In the run portion of the race, what do recommend focusing on in the way of form and pacing for an Olympic distance triathlon versus a Sprint distance triathlon?triathlon?

Alex Moher – Kitchener – leading up to a race, what kind of workouts should I be doing about a week before? would you recommend I take the day off before a race? I also heard that pros in the ironman don’t run too much at all days/weeks before a big race, instead just do swims and bikes here and there. And lastly, is there a difference between older and younger triathletes when it comes to “tapering”?

Patricia Ann Topper – Mount Holly – How can you successfully train for a sprint triathlon and an olympic distance triathlon which follows it in 3 1/2 wks time? I know how to train for each one individually, but am unsure how to combine the two for success in both. Thanks.

Rae Trew-Browne – Port Elizabeth, South Africa – With regards to the swim leg in a Olympic Tri is it better to focus on speed work or longer distance endurance building sessions? At the moment I’m using 3 x 2k speed skill focused swims in a week, will this productive?

Rae Trew-Browne – Port Elizabeth, South Africa – Hi there, I am a non-pro triathlete trying to specialise in the Olympic Distance triathlon, the run is unfortunately my weakest leg, I am hoping to qualify for World Champs so will need around a 2h05 to make the SA team. So here’s my question: How far and how frequent do I need to be running in a week to be able to clock around 32 – 35 minutes for the 10k’s in a race. During training I’m clocking a 39 min 10k after a 40k brick ride but in a race situation I’m posting around 42 – 45 minutes which is costing me dearly. At the moment I’m averaging 40k’s a week @ 4 runs (2 X 10k, 1 x 8k, 1 x 12k). I’ve only been doing tri for a year so I know it will come with time and endurance but I am just needing to know if I am on the right track, oh I’m 25 years old! Thanks a ton!

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Triathlon Coaching Teleseminar #2 With Coaches Ben Greenfield & Kerry Sullivan!

At the bottom of this post, you can download the audio file to listen to at your computer OR while you swim, bike or run!

teleseminarbioIn this triathlon coaching teleseminar from the Rock Star Triathlete Academy at https://rockstartriathlete.com, triathlon coaches Ben Greenfield and Kerry Sullivan answer listener questions, including:

James – Murfreesboro, TN –

Isn’t colloidal silver kind of a dangerous chemical, because it’s known to cause argyria (blue skin)?
Anonymous –

I’m frustrated with the age group starts. I’m in the 45 – 55 range (hiding my identity) and normally finish in the top percentage of my age group and have a few top 3 finishes. We start though sometimes an hour or more after the first groups and I’m been involved in a tri where the organizers were handing out awards before the latter groups finished. I do 5 – 6 tris a year and always try to do a large event every year, but I’m getting more frustrated every year. My questions: 1) Is there a way before I spend money for a tri to know if there are large start groups instead of the two hour waits for the start. 2) Is the age group start mandated by USAT or is it strictly up to the organizers. Thanks.
Patrick – Smyrna, TN –

I plan to test my run LTHR at a New Year’s Day 5k. More than likely the race will take me no longer than 24 minutes (hopefully less!). Knowing that a run LTHR test takes 20 minutes for your HR to, say, normalize, is it reasonable to assume my HR has time to level out 2-4 minutes in to a race?

Kent Buckson – Rehoboth Beach, Delaware –

What are your thoughts on speedplay pedals compared to some of the other pedals on the market? I have been using speedplay pedals for several years and have nothing negative to say. However I was wondering if a different pedal might be better.

Todd – Calgary –

Hey Ben and Kerry, Have you ever had a case of saddlesores? Any recommendations for a quick recovery, and how to avoid them? I do all the usual things like changing quickly and chamois cream on the shorts, but sometimes still get them after longer efforts on the bike.

Bobbie – Littleton –

my feet are still wrecked from the November 22nd Tempe Ironman. I still have huge chunks of skin peeling off the heals. I used a large quantity of vaseline to help on the run and I wore individual toe socks. Any idea to help reduce or remove this problem. This is the 2nd time this has happened, shoes were broken in and fit perfect.

Eric – Norfolk –

What are the effects of alcohol on fitness for someone who drinks very rarely but will possibly drink “too much” on special occasions?

scott – brown deer –

I finished Bens off season workout about 1/2 hr. ago. It was good! What gear should I be in for the 1 legged drill? Does it matter?

C.C. – Rockville –

Would you discuss measures that unlimited-time athletes can incorporate throughout the day to enhance recovery between workouts, absorb training, prevent injuries, etc. Sort of a dream training day if the best recovery score was the goal.

Joe – Pasadena –

What is your recommendation on running, swimming, and biking daily? Should I break it apart and run on Monday’s and swim on Tuesday, and so forth?

scott stauske – brown deer, wi –

My Dominator program starts on Sunday. My weakness is the bike. Is there a way of knowing if my pedal stroke is efficient or is it just a matter of time in the saddle? I’m resigned to a trainer for the next 3 months so I have time for lots of drills!

Ben – Broomfield, CO –

I’m doing my first IM in July and would like to continue racing – mtn bike and tri – the remainder of the season. How long should my recovery take from the IM, and which discipline will take the longest to recover from?

Patrick – IL –

Im approaching 60 and want to stay competitive. Continue to work on technique in all events. What do you recommend on how I can best keep DROPPING my time on the run?

Bob Farrell – Berwick Maine –

I’m planning on starting 6 months of triathlon training in mid March. The training I’m doing suggests doing the prep, base and build in 4 week blocks and taking the last week off. Due to my schedule, I plan on training as much as I can during the week, since I will miss 1 to 4 days a week. Will this work?

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Triathlon Coaching Teleseminar With Coaches Ben Greenfield & Kerry Sullivan!

At the bottom of this post, you can download the audio file to listen to at your computer OR while you swim, bike or run!


In this triathlon coaching teleseminar from the Rock Star Triathlete Academy at https://rockstartriathlete.com, triathlon coaches Ben Greenfield and Kerry Sullivan answer listener questions, including:

Jeremy Valentine – Harrisburg, PA
–  How much emphasis do you actually put on heart rate training as opposed to duration/intensity training? I know the two are linked, but lately I’ve been reading more articles that are putting less emphasis on paying so much attention to heart rate. What is your recommendation and why?

brian zobel – haddonfield
–  Your thoughts on a road bike saddle vs a tri saddle…I find my road saddle more comfortable than the tri saddle but do you loose power or anything in using a road saddle. Is there an advantage of being forward on the saddle as in a typical tri saddle?

Mike – San Mateo, CA
–  What tips would you recommend for racing in hotter weather (90 to 100-degrees)? Hydration? Eating?

Kent Buckson – Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
–  I have been battling a sciatic nerve problem in my lower left leg, buttucks and back. Have you ever had this problem? Do you have any suggestions? Is biking the possible reason for my pain?

Michelle Gordon – Medford, OR
–  As far as training plans, are you still offering your CEO Dominator package? Would that be a good place for me to start? I feel like I need to build a base for swimming and cycling, I will be running a few marathons before my goal race of Ironman Coeur D’Alene in 2011

brian zobel
–  You can’t race with Power Cranks, right?

Alex Moher – Ontario
–  Fun question: What was the most insane workout of your life?

Tyler Smith – Ontario
–  As a high school athlete, would it be worth it to get a part time job to help myself get all the proper equipment in my training? If I have the money, is it worth it to splurge on the best gear?

Brian Zobel – Haddonfield NJ
–  Kerry, Are you still using the power cranks. Did you find they improved your power. If they weren’t a trial would you say they are worth the pricey cost? How long di diyou need to train with them before you notice improvement if you did?

Michelle Gordon – Medford, OR
–  Is 1 1/2 years enough time to train for Ironman for a beginner? I have done one sprint tri and one marathon

Mike – San Mateo, CA
–  What are some pre-race stretches for swimming? Most of the races don’t allow for much time to get in the water and swim due to the age group heats going every 5 minutes.

Tania – San Antonio
–  Where do you even begin trainin and how do I not over train–I’m a water polo player and runner but find myself out of sorts when training become too much back to back. How would I add this to my list without over doing it.

Lee – NYC
–  Do you have any experience working with athletes who take the medication Prednisone, a catabolic steriod? if so, how do you see it affecting their performance/training? Any modifications/precations that you would recomend?

Bob Farrell – Berwick Maine
–  If I want to start working on endurance in January, should I run and ride long distances and use light weights and many reps for my strength training?

Alex Moher – Ontario, Canada
–  I’ve heard that watching T.V. while on an indoor trainer isn’t the best, and I know that music can throw you off your spinning tempo. Would you think I could still watch T.V. while doing a long, easy indoor session? What ways do you do keep yourself motivated and conquer boredom on the bike?

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