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Rock Star Triathlete Academy Deal of the Week: Bike Coats

You’ve got your pride-and-joy (yes, your bike) up on your roof rack and headed off to the race. Typically, your choices to have your bike nice, clean and race ready when you get there are either leave an hour early and pack a can of bug and tar remover, find some way to rig various garbage bags or buy an overly expensive cover that doesn’t provide a lot of longevity.

The Bike Coat is your bike’s new best friend! When you rack your bike before the race, no more running around looking for baggies or hefty bags!! This is a durable, reusable yet disposable, bike cover that will protect your bike from the elements while racked. Come race day, simply remove it and fold it up nice and small to place it in your gear bag! No more unsightly, overstretched and barely effective bags stretched over your seat, handlebars/computer and components! This is a simple and quick fix!

The Bike Coat is also your easy answer to protecting your bike when racked in transition or even when being stored on your balcony or in your garage!

Trinero is excited to bring you this Deal to keep your bike race-ready when you reach your destination. For $25, you get 2 Bike Coats including Free Shipping! For this low price you can provide your bikes a simple, efficient, durable cover that takes the bugs, dirt and grime out of the equation when you take your bikes off the rack. Show off your clean bike with pride at your next race!  Click here to grab this deal!