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Internal Performance Factor Testing For Triathlon

Every 4 months or so, I drip saliva, bleed on paper and pee in a cup to find out what my essential fatty acids, amino acids, Vitamin D, minerals (like magnesium), hormones (like testosterone and cortisol), A1c (sugars/carb balance). Here’s a video of how it works, and if you keep reading this post, more information on how and why I do it.

The Bioletics Performance Performance Profile, from http://tinyurl.com/bioletic, is a simple way to get started with a profile like this. It allows you to to assess the key biological factors involved in performance and well-being, from the comfort of your own home. When you order the profile, a box arrives to your house that includes all materials and instructions for the following assessments:

Vitamin D
Mineral analysis and pH
Strength and recovery hormones
30 min consultation

To understand how the profile actually works, it is highly recommended that you listen to podcast episodes #53 and #62 at http://www.bengreenfieldfitness.com. In addition to the tests listed above, you can also choose to add a ferritin, magnesium, essential fatty acids and amino acid analysis to your performance package. When you order, use code “BENGRS” for Rock Star Triathlete Academy treatment from Bioletics.

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Featured Member Q&A on “Internal Performance Factors” This Wednesday (and FREE book giveaway)!

In this episode, Dr. Rick Cohen from Bioletics answers your questions about blood, urine and saliva testing for internal performance factors for triathletes, including:

— As triathletes we get used to fatigue, soreness and even mental lethargy at times. I’m interested to know what symptoms we may be missing because we take them for granted, how do we know when we are tired, sore or lethargic when we really shouldn’t be. Helping us identify a symptom that is more than training effect would help us use testing to probe further.

— Just wanted to pass on how life-changing Bioletics testing has been for my health and performance. I’ve never slept better, and have taken 18 minutes off of my half-marathon time. In my last test I had my Essential Fatty Acids tested. In the report, it says that farmed Atlantic Salmon is higher in EPA+DHA than wild versions. It’s my understanding that we should try and choose wild fish over farmed; it this not correct?

— I listened to the interview with Vegan pro triathlete Brendan Brazier and was impressed with his diet. Do you think he would test deficient for anything if he tested with bioletics, or do you see vegans and vegetarians missing certain crucial components?

— I am at your website and saw that you have testosterone supplements. Are those even legal and does the type of testing you do enable you to see if an athlete is cheating?

— I have an Ironman in 6 weeks. How long does it take from the time I test to actually get results and fix any problems?

Dr. Cohen also gave coupon for a $20 discount on a Performance Health Profile of Ferritin, Vitamin D and Magnesium from Bioletics to question, along with  a free downloadable book on performance profile testing.

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