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Triathlon Nutrition Teleseminar With Expert Bob Seebohar!

At the bottom of this post, you can download the Bob Seebohar audio file to listen to at your computer OR while you swim, bike or run!

seeboharbobIn this triathlon nutrition teleseminar from the Rock Star Triathlete Academy at https://rockstartriathlete.com, triathlon nutrition expert Bob Seebohar addresses listener questions, including:

Alex Moher – Kitchener, Ontario – Do you have a “top 5” list of everyday snacking foods? Before or after workout meals?

Christine – Salem – When it comes to steamed vegetables, can I eat as much as I want? As long as I’m getting all my other nutrition as well?

Kelly Wissolik – Monclova – Hello Bob I read both of your books- Nutrition Periodization and Metabolic Efficiency – they are excellent. I am still a little confused on ways to drastically reduce whole grains. Can you provide suggestions of how to fuel an elite age group triathlete training 20 to 30 hours a week? thanks so much!

Ed – Toronto – What is the relationship between muscle cramps (ie. pain in the quads during running) and diet? – Is that higher dose of Fish oil taken in the morning of a hard training day, if training scheduled in the morning should it be taken the night before?

Jeremy – Saint Johns, MI – Is there any specific type of fish oil that is more beneficial than another? Specifically Cod Liver oil vs others?

Patrick – Murfreesboro, TN – I train in a gym that offers free coffee. I’ve heard that caffeine may help promote recovery, and that the Aussies do the whole post-ride coffee break religiously. I like coffee but more or less never drink it, lest I become addicted to it. Speaking simply from a recovery ergogenic aid perspective, should I start drinking coffee after my gym workouts? Will it help nutritionally, or are its mainly psychological?

Kelly Wissolik – Monclova – What if you are allergic to all seafood? How else can you get those Omega 3s without supplementation?

Jen – Los Angeles – You said for long course you like to teach athletes to rely more on fat stores. Is there a percentage of body fat that you recommend a novice long course triathlete to maintain for the race?

Jeremy – Saint Johns, Michigan – On metabolic efficiency – I understand the basics of 2 hours of glycogen storage. But for those of us who have those killer early am workouts, and just came out of a basic 8 hour fasting state, what should we focus on for basic nutrition. OR, is the 2 hour base consistent after a night’s sleep?

Brian Zobel – Haddonfield NJ – How correct is it that you need to drink your recovery drink, such as R4, within 30 minutes of finishing your workout? Kevin – Chelsea, MI – I tend to burn more calories than average when sedentary. Does this mean I will need to injest more than average in an endurance event.

Rick – Victoria, TX – food the night before is always an issue, complete in sprints, age 62, I take liquid hi carb anytime after 3pm the day before. Concern is not digesting food and eliminating before the race, any suggestions

Susan – Ocean Springs, Mississippi – I’m curious about which ‘state’ are fruits and vegetables their most ‘potent’? E.G., fresh blueberries, frozen blueberries, dried blueberries, canned blueberries…..which form of blueberries is most chock-full of the ‘goodies’? Thanks

Ron – Schenectady, NY – I’m asking this question on behalf of one of my middle school students. He’s 13, weighs 85 pounds (still hasn’t hit his growth spurt yet) and is a phenomenal runner (just ran under 5 minutes for an indoor mile). His goal is to become an Ironman when he’s older. We are studying nutrition in class and he asked me what percentage of his diet should be protein. (He already knows that at his age and weight and activity level, he needs to consume over 3,000 Calories per day to start gaining weight.)

Doug – Midlothian Virginia – Even skim milk, low fat yogurt and almost everything it seems has sugar in it. How can I eat nutriously and stay away from too much sugar? Esther – Reisterstown, MD – What’s your opinion on fish oil supplements? How much is needed for a woman vs man & how frequently should they be taken?

Suzy – Madison – I am trying to find a good nutritional protocol for IM WI. For my first HIM last year, I relied on Perpeteum on the bike, but found it very hard to digest even though I practiced with it all summer. I ended up with GI issues (bloating) early in the ride and eventually resorted to drinking nothing but water. That became a problem for the run. I knew I was undercaloried, but could not stomach the thought of using my Hammer Gel. It mad the run very difficult to complete. Are there altnerates proteins I could be using? do I even need protein for HIMs or IMs?

Kathryn – Terryville – Having listened to your webinar on metabolic efficiency, I’ve been follwoing your guidelines to improve fat burning. As I usually train first thing in the a.m. do you have any recommendations for pretraining/during training fueling? Typically 1-2 hour sessions, some are shorter with high intensity. I’ve been training with only water at other times and am pleased with the results

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