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Triathlon Training Teleseminar with Pro Triathlete Bryan Rhodes!

At the bottom of this post, you can download the audio file to listen to at your computer OR while you swim, bike or run!

RhodseySWimStartIn this triathlon training teleseminar from the Rock Star Triathlete Academy at https://rockstartriathlete.com, pro triathlete Bryan Rhodes addresses listener questions, including:

Patrick McGahan – Chapel Hill, NC – I’m a longtime age group competitive runner and decent swimmer. So, at 45 I’m going to give Triathlons a try in 2010. I’m going to do the Miami 1/2 Ironman in October. For the next 2-3months I’m working on building my base. As compared to my race pace, what amount of effort should I put into these base building workouts?

Dave – Southern Jersey – Bryan, I started last year and did a couple of sprints. I am planning for my first Olympic Distance next spring as I work towards a half iron. How much training should I do using heart rate zones?

Esther – Reisterstown, MD – How do you adjust your race pace if it’s raining hard during the triathlon? Do you focus more on swim/run pace & cut back on bike pace? How much?

Brian Zobel – Haddonfield NJ – Looks like Crowie stole your finish line pose “sporting the big guns” at the Kona finish line this year…but really my question is what percentage of your Ironman finish time would you say is a goal to look or train for in doing a half Ironman race? chris – atlanta – I’m curious as to how much bike training you spend with the hammerhead groups and how much you spend solo doing 20min LTs. And, as a newcomer in the pool, should I concentrate on drills or holding pace with 100’s? BTW, self-coached, and I know what you’re about to say!

Kevin – Albany, NY – Hey Brian… What is your typical nutrition strategy when attacking either Half Iron or Ironman distance? – Bob Farrells here – hi ben, do you see these questions in real time?? Michael and Kristen here….

Michael Abbott – carmel, IN – How would you suggest a beginner triathlete learns what works for his/her body in terms of race nutrition as they start looking to half and full ironman distances?

Michael Abbott – carmel, IN – how much importance do you think training in specific HR zones should be given for the 1st time Ironman ?

Paul Schreiner – Grand Cayman – I live on an island with the highest point being 25 feet above sea level. I am participating in the St. Croix 1/2IM this may and trying to conquer the Beast. What is the best way to train for hills in a landscape where there are none. There is one small parking garage that I possibly could ride.

Alex Moher – Kitchener – To become a world class Olympic distance/ Iron distance triathlete, how much does it really realy on natural ability?

Bob Farrell – Berwick, Maine – I’m new at triathlons. I’ve been training since last January and I ran a few 5k’s during this year. My first tri may be in July. I would like to start off the year for several months working on endurance before I start triathlon training. What should I do to work on my endurance? Ian – Leesburg, VA – Do you use strength training as part of your training program? if so what type and when ?

Chris Rivers – Augusta ga – Please give me the top 5 songs in your training mix when you want to push it!

Chris Rivers – Augusta ga – how many races should I race before a 70.3. My race is sept 2010. So I have 8 full months till my race. At the moment I have a 10K planned on March 27tt and the Turtle Crawl Olympic Triathlon on May 15th . I would like to schedule another tri race for July and August, but not sure which one I will do. If I go with my plan is this enough or not enough for training.

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