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7 Steps to Evaluating Your Triathlon Race Performance

After all time you spend sweating, sacrificing and soul searching in the build up to your race, you owe it to yourself to effectively evaluate all aspects of your performance, and not judge success or failure simply by the time on the clock or ranking in your age group.

In this video, Chris Janzen, Founder of TriathleteMind.com breaks down a 7 step process to make — and take — the most from your race day efforts.

You owe it to yourself to learn everything you can to improve your strengths and your weaknesses. Whether it was a PR or a PW (Personal Worst) it doesn’t matter. There are always lessons to learn, and insights you can use, to achieve your potential the next time. Continue reading

LIVE Q&A with Triathlon Mental Guru Chris Janzen Now Available For Download

Chris Janzen is the founder of TriathleteMind.com and author of 8 ½ Steps to Making 2011 Your Best Triathlon Year Ever! and Race Faster Now, an essential guide of expert advice and winning tips to improve your triathlon race day performance. He’s also been a contributor to 220Triathlon magazine, the UK’s biggest selling triathlon magazine, and appeared in Runner’s World USA.

For more than 20 years Chris has been a passionate and inspiring coach, mentor, and trusted advisor and is dedicated to helping athletes and non-athletes to unlock their potential and exceed their own expectations of what’s possible.

To listen to the call now, keep reading! Click here to check out Chris’s website for the 5 forces formula!

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