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Introducing Coach Brad Haag: Rockstar Triathlete Academy’s New Community Manager

Coach Brad Haag Finishing a 70.3 bike

On behalf of the Rockstar Triathlete Academy we would like to introduce our new community manager, Coach Brad Haag. Brad is dedicated to engaging with all of the athletes of the Rockstar Triathlete Academy. Through quality content via articles, videos, audio recordings, and more, Brad’s goal is to connect athletes around the globe through the Rockstar Triathlete Academy.

Brad is a certified USAT triathlon coach, a certified USAC cycling coach, a certified NCSF personal trainer, and among other various titles an overall fitness geek. His background involves a diverse array of physically challenging endeavors. From attending special programs while he served in the Navy to stumbling upon triathlon and other endurance sports. He has since qualified for triathlon nationals at three different distances (sprint, Olympic, and half-ironman).

Brad’s coaching career began four years ago when he held the position of Command Fitness Leader (Navy version of a Personal Trainer) in charge of coaching over two-dozen Sailors. After being honorably discharged Brad started his coaching career as a certified coach through Superhumancoach.com and Pacific Elite Fitness. He now coaches athletes ranging from recruits looking to be a Navy Seals to triathletes looking to qualify for the world championships.

If you’re interested in learning more about Brad, he can be contacted through the Rockstar Triathlete Academy’s gold wings forum, the Facebook page, or the Twitter page.