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Rock Star Triathlete “Business Of Triathlon Coaching” Call Now Available For Download.

In this call, which you can access at the end of this post, Ben & Kerry answer a variety of triathlon coaching business questions, including:

How often do you implement transition runs vs. Bricks

How do you structure bike and run workouts?

There are organizations such as NASM, ACE, NASC, etc,….what is really the most respected organization for getting a Personal training certificate or rather what organization if getting a certified from would benefit a triathlon coach the most Besides ISSN

How did you get to being an elite level coach? did you just get lucky or work your ass off?

How do you proceed to try and get hired under another coaching brand and make them feel like you aren’t using them?

Twitter tips as a coach, have any? things to do or not to do?

how can you get more recognition as a coach?

How do you structure a week of training for athletes? (how/where do you put rest days? how do you know when to have hard days and easy days and where to put them into a week for an athlete)

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