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Dry Land Training For Swimmers “Training the Core”

Swim coaches have traditionally focused their dryland program on the use of resistance training machines, free weights, various types of swim benches and stretch cords. Most of the machine exercises are single joint, bodybuilding type exercises that are not specific to the movements of swimming. The exercises that are commonly performed on the swim bench and with stretch cords seem to resemble the movements of swimming but do not focus on strengthening the core, in fact using a swim bench almost eliminates all core work When a coach is designing a dryland program he or she must first identify the movements and muscles involved in swimming and make them a priority of their dryland program. IHPSWIM has developed the LAPS Training system which identifies

all the specific movements of a swimmer and the exercises that train these movements. Our LAPS Functional Dryland Training DVD includes our favorite exercises that are specific to the movements in swimming.

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