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Beyond The Goggles: Swim Gear That Helps You Get Faster [Video]

In this video, Rock Star Triathlete Academy coach shows you how to go beyond the goggles with swim gear that helps you get faster.

Included in this video are:

Finis Forearm Fulcrum 

Finis Freestyle Hand Paddles

PT Paddles

Finis Tempo Trainer (or other swim metronome)

Zoomer Z2 Fins

Waterproof .mp3 Player

If you’re a Rock Star Triathlete Academy member, then head into the member’s area to ask your questions about how to properly use these tools in your swim set!

Rock Star Swim Bag Of Tricks

In this video, Kerry Sullivan dumps out his swim bag and then explains all about swim fins, swim paddles and other swim tricks of the trade that would be a valuable addition to your Rock Star swim bag of tricks, and how to use each effectively!

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