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Rock Star Triathlete Academy Deal of the Week: Headsweats Gear

If you’re a triathlete, this has happened to you; you’re outside having an epic run on a nice summer day and all of a sudden you wince in agony from the sweat that just ran into your eye…you rip off your sunglasses, drop them to the ground, and during your “sweat blindness” you accidentally stumble on a rock or debris on the road, ending up with a scraped knee or worse. Well, this week’s Trinero deal will keep the sweat out of your eyes and let you enjoy that nice summer day: for $25 you’ll get $40 to spend at Headsweats.com, makers of the top performance hats and visors in the game.

Back in 1998, Alan Romick was tired of sweat blindness and founded Headsweats and he set out to develop headgear that works. Once a photo was seen of his product on the Tour de France rider in the New York Times, the secret was out and triathletes and cyclists have purchased over a million pieces of headgear that have dominated podiums in sports worldwide.

Today, Headsweats has a complete collection of headwear – performance hats, visors, headbands, beanies and more that feature washable, air-light, wicking fabrics that dominate triathlon, cycling, rowing and adventure races.  They know you’ll be thrilled with their products and offer a 100% Unconditional Guarantee on all their gear.

Headsweats also features a complete line of Ironman logo headwear and Tour de France logo headwear. (BTW, if you haven’t noticed, Headsweats is sponsoring Le Tour coverage on Versus!)

Get ready to head out into the sun by picking up this Trinero deal from Headsweats. $25 gets you $40 to go spend over at Headsweats.com.  And while there’s no limit on how many people can pick up the deal, you can only pick up 2 of these each to stuff into your jersey pocket.  Click here to grab this deal!