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How To Eat Healthy When You’re Traveling

I’m currently working as a roving video report for Everymantri and also writing an article for LAVA magazine over here in the West Indies at Tri-Star Nevis. While beautiful and unique, my “hotel” is unfortunately built on the top of a steep mountain, about 2 miles from town.

Anytime I need anything, I must ride my bike down (I’ve already burnt through one set of brakes) then ride my bike back up the hill.

And the other day, I needed groceries so off I went.

I gave myself a few rules:

A) spend no more than $30 (stuff adds up quickly when you travel!)

B) choose primarily healthy foods, and stay relatively gluten-free (very hard with extremely limited choices and very expensive “fresh” food)

C) get the groceries back up the mountain

Objective C was achieved by perching a bag on my aerobars then clutching it between my elbows as I climbed in an aero position.

Watch the video below to see how I achieved objectives A and B.