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How To Indulge As A Triathlete

This article was focused on Holliday season. All though that time of year has passed this article still has relevance for all triahtletes as athletes can struggle during winter months to stay on track.

As we head into the second half of December, the party season is in full swing. This is a great time of the year but also a minefield for athletes; everywhere we see temptation that would derail all the good work we have done in the past weeks to regain fitness after a good break from the race season.
We should enjoy the festive season as it truly is special and with a little planning we can come out of this month still in great shape and ready to advance into the new year.

There are two big problems we face during this period that I want to talk about in this article and I will also recommend the steps we can take to avoid them, i.e.:

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