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How To Run.

In this video Kerry Sullivan talks about the basics of running technique. Often, running technique is overlooked but it is great way to gain speed with you building more fitness. Keep reading to access the video…

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What You Need To Know About How To Run

In this video, Kerry Sullivan shows you exactly what you need to know about running fast and efficiently.

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Q&A Call With Ben & Kerry “How To Run Properly” Now Available for Download

In this call, Ben & Kerry talk about how to run properly, including:

1) body position
2) foot strike
3) leg mechanics (foot pulling up under hips, high heel etc)
4) arm swing
5) cadence

Most people don’t realize how much is technique is involved with running. Knowing how to use your body’s natural biomechanics and gravity to your advantage will make you efficient, which helps in assisting you to be faster and staying injury free.

Keep reading to access this call now!

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