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Featured Audio – Ironman Coeur D’ Alene Race Day Tips

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With Ironman CDA just around the corner, we wanted to give our Rock Star Triathlete Academy members tips for the race, so here’s 20 minutes of pure content from Ben Greenfield to get you prepped for Ironman CDA, whether you’re racing this week or next year. Over the next several months, the Rock Star Triathlete Academy will be adding featured interviews with insider tips for every Ironman event on the planet!

Keep reading to access the audio interview. Why the extra Ironman content?

It’s all part of our upcoming member upgrade – the “Qualify For Kona” section of the academy! While we cater to beginner, intermediate and advanced triathletes, this section of the academy – set to launch in July and sponsored by the brand new LAVA magazine – will be purely focused on giving you what it takes to get to the Ironman World Champions in Kona, Hawaii.

What can you expect from the new upgrade?

This part of our website will be providing tools, information and resources for triathletes seeking to qualify for the Hawaii Ironman. Specifically, it is going to offer:

-An online training log and training plan with a complete 3 month Kona build-up, with special course-specific tips, heat acclimatization strategies, and much more!

QualifyKona– A  book entitled “How to Qualify for Kona”.

– Insider audio interviews with podium finishers or pro triathletes from all the Kona qualifying events, with travel information, course breakdowns, and race-specific tips. We’re also featuring race maps and photos in this area as well – along with the ability for you to add your own comments and feedback. each leg of the race, transitions and so forth, as well as maps, photos and video clips.

– An exclusive, protected area on the forum devoted to Kona qualifying Q&A’s and discussion, from training to equipment to nutrition, along with qualifying race reports and feedback.

– Access to our library of articles focused on Kona specific training and racing.

– A coached session with Ben Greenfield during Ironman week in Kona that walks each qualifier through the event (yes, the first session will be this year, for the October 2010 Ironman Hawaii – time and place to be announced!)

– Access to all other features of the academy that all members get, including the expert teleseminars,  audio Q&A’s with Kerry and Ben, video lessons, and special discounts on products from Rock Star Triathlete Academy sponsors.

Stay tuned to the Rock Star Triathlete Academy for the July launch of the “Qualify For Kona” member’s section – and keep reading for the Ironman Coeur D’ Alene interview with Ben Greenfield.

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