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Both Double Feature Super Special Interviews now Available for Rock Star Members – JOE FRIEL Wednesday and STALEY KRAUSE Thursday!

#1: Triathlon Training & Nutrition Q&A with Joe Friel (pictured above) – Joe’s call isĀ  available at the bottom of this post! Joe has trained endurance athletes since 1980. His clients are elite amateur and professional road cyclists, mountain bikers, triathletes, and duathletes. They come from all corners of the globe and include American and foreign national champions, world championship competitors, and an Olympian.

He is the author of ten books on training for endurance athletes including the popular and best-selling TrainingBible book series. He holds a masters degree in exercise science, is a USA Triathlon and USA Cycling certified Elite-level coach, and is a founder and past Chairman of the USA Triathlon National Coaching Commission.

Joe conducts seminars around the world on training and racing for cyclists, multisport athletes, and coaches, and provides consulting services for corporations in the fitness industry.

He has also been active in business as the founder of Ultrafit, an association of coaching businesses, Training Peaks, a web-based software company, and TrainingBible Coaching.

#2: The Best Triathlon Books of All Time with Staley Krause – Staley Krause is a long time runner and the founder of MindsetTriathlon.com. She has seen the writing on the wall and to her it says that ebooks are the wave of the future. Her web site lets readers download triathlon related books and literature in PDF formatted files which makes the books:

a) less expensive and
b) completely tree free.

On this Special Rock Star Tri Earth Day call, Staley reveals “The Ten Best Triathlon Books” and answers your questions about recommendations for triathlon books!

Just keep reading to access the full audios for both calls!

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