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Workshop With Triathlon Coach Lee Zohlman Now Available For Download

Lee Zohlman began his multi sport career in 1996 and found his new sport to be a driving passion for a new career. Leaving the lucrative field of television broadcasting Lee was one of the first 25 USA Triathlon coaches ever to be certified by the sports governing body. Soon after, BodyZen Enterprises was launched with immediate success.

With Lee at the helm he has steered BodyZen to fantastic heights. Now, Coach Lee is an Elite Level 3 certified coach (one of only 20 in the world) and BodyZen has broadened its ventures. Lee and BodyZen are currently involved in not only a successful coaching business but Professional athlete management, event marketing and multimedia initiatives.

Lee and BodyZen are now considered key influencers in the endurance sports world. The last fourteen years have been fruitful and Lee and BodyZen will make sure the next phase is even more successful.

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