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Loren Fogelman Workshop Now Available For Replay

Loren Fogelman is the author of the upcoming book The Winning Point and
founder of Expert Sports Performance, a company devoted to teaching athletes around the
globe how to become high performers, maintain focus during competitions and create the confidence to reach
their BIG goals.

Having been a psychotherapist since 1985, she knows how to identify core issues — the challenges that are
getting in the way of your game – and how to tackle them with a laser-focused approach.

At 44y/o Loren joined a competitive rowing team, never having been involved in a team sport before. With
this being her first competing experience she learned much about mindset and its effect on performance. Loren
began applying the techniques she had been using with her clients on herself in order to reach her highest

Loren shows her clients the way forward to reaching their goals by working smarter, not harder. Psychology,
physiology and productivity strategies when combined create a comprehensive training program, boosting

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