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Q&A With the Fastest Fish In Triathlon – Mark Van Akkeren

In this call-in Q&A with fast swimming pro triathlete Mark Van Akkeren, the following questions are addressed:
Do you recomend a particular power meter?
Stewart – Fairfax

Hi guys, could you talk about a little bit about taking days off and how it can help or hurt my performance if I am going pretty hard the rest of the time?

Pam – Bala Cynwyd, PA

Everyone says the best way to improve on your technique is to keep practicing. But how do I know if I am practicing right? I guess the best bet would be to have a coach, but if that is not possible, what are other options? Is joining a masters class necessary? How do I know if I am improving if I am my own coach?

Bob –

I do sprint distance triathlons and when I swim I use the 2 beat kick (which one swim coach referred to as a lazy kick). Should I be working on kicking more often to help my times get better? I am afraid if I try to change my kick the rest of my stroke will fall apart.

Erin –

How beneficial are kick drills and what is the best way to do them? I have seen people do them on the side with one arm extended, or using a kick board arms extended, or using a kick board tucked by their chin.

Bret j – Cedar City

Not a swim question: I consider myself a rockstar and consequently love to rock out when I am riding or running. However, is it a good idea to depend on music when doing long rides/runs? I ask because you can’t use music in a race and I don’t want to become overly dependent on music for motivation. Make sense?

Bret j – Cedar City

Last night I was watching this dude swim who shared a lane with me. He had a rather interesting kick pattern and I am curious when they say have 2 kicks per beat what does that mean? He was doing 2 huge scissor kicks vs. small flutters…it seemed to work for him and he was much faster than me. When it really boils down to it, is swimming more about getting job done with the kick than actually depending on the kick for power?

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