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Triathlon Training & Nutrition Q&A With Matt Fitzgerald

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mattfitzgerald-In this triathlon training and nutrition teleseminar from the Rock Star Triathlete Academy, triathlete training expert and nutritionist Matt Fitzgerald addresses listener questions. He also talks about his new book “Racing Weight”.

David S – Louisville

I have done 70.3 for the last 2 yrs. This year i’m doing an IM. Some training plans I have been seeing have triple bricks in the schedule. What is your option on triple brick workouts (bike-run-bike-run-bike-run)? Thanks

Erik Sanders – Burnsville, MN

Hi, I am training for the Boulder 70.3 this august. I live in minnesota (about 600 ft elevation) and I am wondering what workouts I could do to train for the elevation difference. Thanks

Bret – Cedar City

What are the major milestones that one should be able to do to feel confident “ready” for an endurance triathlon like the Ironman?

Paul – Austin, TX

You probably talk about this in your book, but can you talk about some good ways to get lean quickly before a competition, like in the last couple weeks before a race?

Derek – LA

How do you calculate the right weight for yourself as it does vary from person to person?

Denise – Pullman, WA

Do you have any opinions about the Paleo diet?

Colter Hammer – Salt Lake City, Utah

Is there a healthy amount of fat that should be consumed during long training sessions? I have heard this is important to protect your internal organs, is this accurate?

Paula – Kansas City

For Ironman triathlon, how important is it to do workouts that simulate the course, and also how can you train for the bike on the hills if you are surrounded by flats?

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