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Off-Season: Start With The Most Important Step

At ironguides, our whole philosophy is based upon improving one step at a time or, as we like to call it, brick by brick. As coaches we are here to guide you in your fitness journey and take you to where you want to go.

The first thing we need to know from an athlete, though, is where it is that you want to go—what do you want to achieve? Once an athlete, and her coach, knows the key goal we are aiming for, it is time to get to work.

As we head into the off-season, now is the perfect time for novice and experienced athletes alike to sit down with their coaches, family and friends, or simply by themselves, to determine the goals for the coming year.

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Off Season Q&A Replay Now Live!

turbo trainer

Kerry and Newest Rock Star Triathlete coach Bradley Haag Will be talk about of season training in this podcast.

This time of year is often the “off season” for many triathletes and leaves many confused on what to do training wise.

If done right you can come into next season better than ever. If done wrong you can be even slower

Listen to hear how you can take the off season by the horns and be ready to rock come your first race of the year.

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Enjoying Your Off Season

This time of year is all about change.

Summer is well and truly behind us and we are now deep into autumn with winter on the horizon. The racing season is pretty much done with the last one or two big races about to take place. I love this time of year as it signals a break from the demands of training and racing along with the excitement and planning for next year.

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Conventional wisdom: the off season and base training

The off season is seen as a period of rest that follows on from the last race of summer and can be a period of between two and six weeks in length. Conventional wisdom always seems to follow what elites do in the sport: coaches assume that every athlete is the same in terms of the stresses race season exerts.

Let’s look at an example of the elite athlete and then at the amateur athlete.

Elite athletes tend to get to that last race of the season spent, both physically and mentally. They push their bodies beyond normal levels in the pursuit of excellence and that, coupled with travelling and a lot of racing, brings a high level of stress for the body.

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Key Workouts to Sharpen Your Triathlon Off-Season Running Races

For many triathletes, fall is a transition period. Shifting from a routine of daily double workouts and weekend races to a less rigid schedule with fewer specific goals can be both a healthy freedom and a frustrating feeling at the same time. For me, this fall break is a chance to concentrate on my primary love, running. Whether running is a strength or weakness, fall is an excellent time to pick a 10k or half marathon to train for before the less runner-friendly roads of winter appear. Why not mix up your training this fall and try a routine you haven’t used in the past. Just as students regularly have to learn new test taking strategies, athletes ought to experiment with different patterns of training. If you always follow the same routine, how will you know if you can improve or if the plans you follow are indeed ideal? Regardless of the training plan you choose, the key workouts of speed, endurance, and strength should remain staples throughout the plan.

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Member Surprise Bonus #1 & #2! Off-Season Triathlon Training Webinars.

Rock Star Bonus Webinars from David Glover – links to webinars at bottom of this post.

Bonus Webinar #1:Planning Your Next Triathlon Season: From A to Z

With the 2009 triathlon season over, it’s time to start thinking about next year. This seminar will guide you through how to choose races and create an annual training plan designed to help you achieve your excellence in 2010.

Follow along with David Glover on your computer as he takes you through development of a sample annual training plan including best practices for race timing, periodization of your training and plenty of  Q&A at the end.

Bonus Webinar #2: Winter Training for Triathletes: Strategies for Managing the “Transition” Season

Bears hibernate in winter so why shouldn’t we? Nature sets an example what to do during the winter months but hibernation is a little too extreme for us triathletes, as we’ll give up too much of the aerobic fitness.

Follow along with Coach David Glover on your computer as he walks you through tips and techniques to help you navigate the “transition” from one season to the next that will set you up for success in 2010!

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