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Q&A With Rock Star Triathlete Coach & Pro Triathlete Kerry Sullivan Now On Replay

Heartland tri Run

Newest Rock Star Triathlete coach Brad Haag will be interviewing Rock Star Triathlete coach and pro triathlete Kerry Sullivan

Kerry, in the past, was a top age grouper and is now a short course pro triathlete. Kerry has been racing for 12 years and coaching for 9 giving him quite a bit of experience & knowledge in the triathlon world.

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Triathlon Workshop With Coach Tim Snow Now Available for Download!

Tim has been racing in triathlon since 1998, after being a high school and college distance runner. Having completed 20 Iron-distance events since 2000, Tim has competed in Ironman Lake Placid, Canada, Arizona, Coeur d’Alene, Germany, Florida, the Great Floridian, and Kona. Among other highlights, since working with QT2, Tim has placed 10th overall in the 2008 Ford Ironman Lake Placid, and has a personal best time of 8:49 at the 2007 Ford Ironman Florida,which included a 2:51marathon split.

Having completed over 200 multisport events, Tim has merged his immense training and racing experience with the QT2 Systems philosophies of building aerobic efficiency through training at appropriate intensity levels, building physical durability through gradual volume increases, maximizing body composition, optimal race fueling, and suitable pacing while racing.

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Triathlon Workshop With Coach Jim Vance Now Available For Download!

Jim Vance is a USA Triathlon Level 2 Certified Coach, elite triathlete and a two-time Amateur World Champion in ITU and XTERRA. He holds an Ironman PR of 8:37:09. He is also an Elite Coach for TrainingBible Coaching.

Jim is a coach that we like at Rock Star Triathlete because he can walk the walk and talk the talk. Just keep reading to listen now!

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Interview With Triathlon Female Superstar Becky Lavelle!

In this triathlon expert Q&A with pro triathlete Becky Lavelle, Becky answers a variety of training and nutrition questions, including…


What does a typical day of eating look like for you?

In your opinion, what is more important, intensity or volume?

How does your training day typically go?

What do you eat on the bike during a half Ironman?

Do you eat anything on the run during half Ironman?

Do you have any tips for me going into Wildflower Half Ironman in two weeks?

What’s the best way to taper for an Olympic or Sprint distance triathlon?

First of all congratulations on your upcoming new addition: do you have a special fitness program that you’re using during your pregnancy?

How often do you breathe when you’re swimming?

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Triathlon Coaching Teleseminar #3 With Coaches Ben Greenfield & Kerry Sullivan!

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-In this triathlon coaching teleseminar from the Rock Star Triathlete Academy, triathlon coaches Ben Greenfield and Kerry Sullivan answer listener questions AND also include their top 10 tips on staying healthy, as well as a BONUS tip at the end of the audio!

Susan R. – Ocean Springs, Mississippi – Since strong resistant knees require solid supportive muscles…….please share exact & precise drills/sets which could strengthen already ‘old & weakened’ knees…I’d love to run, again!…..or should I just walk, walk, walk, walk…..Thanks

Mike – how the hell do you take your bike overseas without a)getting the bike bent into scrap metal ~ which cases do you like / recommend? b) avoid being hit with a massive fee at every check in counter!!!?

Bob Farrell – Berwick Maine – I will be working on my swimming and endurance the first 3 1/2 months of 2010. What are good workouts to do for endurance?

Cindee – Oakville, Canada – I’m a 48yr old Mom of 3 (15yr,13yr,11yr) who volunteer at races. I work full time for an airline and have done 3 1/2IM’s amongst many shorter races. I live an incredbly busy life. I want to try my 1st IM in 2010. I have a Hip Flexor problem. any suggestions on a fix?

Carol – University Place, WA – In the run portion of the race, what do recommend focusing on in the way of form and pacing for an Olympic distance triathlon versus a Sprint distance triathlon?triathlon?

Alex Moher – Kitchener – leading up to a race, what kind of workouts should I be doing about a week before? would you recommend I take the day off before a race? I also heard that pros in the ironman don’t run too much at all days/weeks before a big race, instead just do swims and bikes here and there. And lastly, is there a difference between older and younger triathletes when it comes to “tapering”?

Patricia Ann Topper – Mount Holly – How can you successfully train for a sprint triathlon and an olympic distance triathlon which follows it in 3 1/2 wks time? I know how to train for each one individually, but am unsure how to combine the two for success in both. Thanks.

Rae Trew-Browne – Port Elizabeth, South Africa – With regards to the swim leg in a Olympic Tri is it better to focus on speed work or longer distance endurance building sessions? At the moment I’m using 3 x 2k speed skill focused swims in a week, will this productive?

Rae Trew-Browne – Port Elizabeth, South Africa – Hi there, I am a non-pro triathlete trying to specialise in the Olympic Distance triathlon, the run is unfortunately my weakest leg, I am hoping to qualify for World Champs so will need around a 2h05 to make the SA team. So here’s my question: How far and how frequent do I need to be running in a week to be able to clock around 32 – 35 minutes for the 10k’s in a race. During training I’m clocking a 39 min 10k after a 40k brick ride but in a race situation I’m posting around 42 – 45 minutes which is costing me dearly. At the moment I’m averaging 40k’s a week @ 4 runs (2 X 10k, 1 x 8k, 1 x 12k). I’ve only been doing tri for a year so I know it will come with time and endurance but I am just needing to know if I am on the right track, oh I’m 25 years old! Thanks a ton!

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Triathlon Coaching Teleseminar #2 With Coaches Ben Greenfield & Kerry Sullivan!

At the bottom of this post, you can download the audio file to listen to at your computer OR while you swim, bike or run!

teleseminarbioIn this triathlon coaching teleseminar from the Rock Star Triathlete Academy at https://rockstartriathlete.com, triathlon coaches Ben Greenfield and Kerry Sullivan answer listener questions, including:

James – Murfreesboro, TN –

Isn’t colloidal silver kind of a dangerous chemical, because it’s known to cause argyria (blue skin)?
Anonymous –

I’m frustrated with the age group starts. I’m in the 45 – 55 range (hiding my identity) and normally finish in the top percentage of my age group and have a few top 3 finishes. We start though sometimes an hour or more after the first groups and I’m been involved in a tri where the organizers were handing out awards before the latter groups finished. I do 5 – 6 tris a year and always try to do a large event every year, but I’m getting more frustrated every year. My questions: 1) Is there a way before I spend money for a tri to know if there are large start groups instead of the two hour waits for the start. 2) Is the age group start mandated by USAT or is it strictly up to the organizers. Thanks.
Patrick – Smyrna, TN –

I plan to test my run LTHR at a New Year’s Day 5k. More than likely the race will take me no longer than 24 minutes (hopefully less!). Knowing that a run LTHR test takes 20 minutes for your HR to, say, normalize, is it reasonable to assume my HR has time to level out 2-4 minutes in to a race?

Kent Buckson – Rehoboth Beach, Delaware –

What are your thoughts on speedplay pedals compared to some of the other pedals on the market? I have been using speedplay pedals for several years and have nothing negative to say. However I was wondering if a different pedal might be better.

Todd – Calgary –

Hey Ben and Kerry, Have you ever had a case of saddlesores? Any recommendations for a quick recovery, and how to avoid them? I do all the usual things like changing quickly and chamois cream on the shorts, but sometimes still get them after longer efforts on the bike.

Bobbie – Littleton –

my feet are still wrecked from the November 22nd Tempe Ironman. I still have huge chunks of skin peeling off the heals. I used a large quantity of vaseline to help on the run and I wore individual toe socks. Any idea to help reduce or remove this problem. This is the 2nd time this has happened, shoes were broken in and fit perfect.

Eric – Norfolk –

What are the effects of alcohol on fitness for someone who drinks very rarely but will possibly drink “too much” on special occasions?

scott – brown deer –

I finished Bens off season workout about 1/2 hr. ago. It was good! What gear should I be in for the 1 legged drill? Does it matter?

C.C. – Rockville –

Would you discuss measures that unlimited-time athletes can incorporate throughout the day to enhance recovery between workouts, absorb training, prevent injuries, etc. Sort of a dream training day if the best recovery score was the goal.

Joe – Pasadena –

What is your recommendation on running, swimming, and biking daily? Should I break it apart and run on Monday’s and swim on Tuesday, and so forth?

scott stauske – brown deer, wi –

My Dominator program starts on Sunday. My weakness is the bike. Is there a way of knowing if my pedal stroke is efficient or is it just a matter of time in the saddle? I’m resigned to a trainer for the next 3 months so I have time for lots of drills!

Ben – Broomfield, CO –

I’m doing my first IM in July and would like to continue racing – mtn bike and tri – the remainder of the season. How long should my recovery take from the IM, and which discipline will take the longest to recover from?

Patrick – IL –

Im approaching 60 and want to stay competitive. Continue to work on technique in all events. What do you recommend on how I can best keep DROPPING my time on the run?

Bob Farrell – Berwick Maine –

I’m planning on starting 6 months of triathlon training in mid March. The training I’m doing suggests doing the prep, base and build in 4 week blocks and taking the last week off. Due to my schedule, I plan on training as much as I can during the week, since I will miss 1 to 4 days a week. Will this work?

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Triathlon Coaching Teleseminar With Coaches Ben Greenfield & Kerry Sullivan!

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In this triathlon coaching teleseminar from the Rock Star Triathlete Academy at https://rockstartriathlete.com, triathlon coaches Ben Greenfield and Kerry Sullivan answer listener questions, including:

Jeremy Valentine – Harrisburg, PA
–  How much emphasis do you actually put on heart rate training as opposed to duration/intensity training? I know the two are linked, but lately I’ve been reading more articles that are putting less emphasis on paying so much attention to heart rate. What is your recommendation and why?

brian zobel – haddonfield
–  Your thoughts on a road bike saddle vs a tri saddle…I find my road saddle more comfortable than the tri saddle but do you loose power or anything in using a road saddle. Is there an advantage of being forward on the saddle as in a typical tri saddle?

Mike – San Mateo, CA
–  What tips would you recommend for racing in hotter weather (90 to 100-degrees)? Hydration? Eating?

Kent Buckson – Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
–  I have been battling a sciatic nerve problem in my lower left leg, buttucks and back. Have you ever had this problem? Do you have any suggestions? Is biking the possible reason for my pain?

Michelle Gordon – Medford, OR
–  As far as training plans, are you still offering your CEO Dominator package? Would that be a good place for me to start? I feel like I need to build a base for swimming and cycling, I will be running a few marathons before my goal race of Ironman Coeur D’Alene in 2011

brian zobel
–  You can’t race with Power Cranks, right?

Alex Moher – Ontario
–  Fun question: What was the most insane workout of your life?

Tyler Smith – Ontario
–  As a high school athlete, would it be worth it to get a part time job to help myself get all the proper equipment in my training? If I have the money, is it worth it to splurge on the best gear?

Brian Zobel – Haddonfield NJ
–  Kerry, Are you still using the power cranks. Did you find they improved your power. If they weren’t a trial would you say they are worth the pricey cost? How long di diyou need to train with them before you notice improvement if you did?

Michelle Gordon – Medford, OR
–  Is 1 1/2 years enough time to train for Ironman for a beginner? I have done one sprint tri and one marathon

Mike – San Mateo, CA
–  What are some pre-race stretches for swimming? Most of the races don’t allow for much time to get in the water and swim due to the age group heats going every 5 minutes.

Tania – San Antonio
–  Where do you even begin trainin and how do I not over train–I’m a water polo player and runner but find myself out of sorts when training become too much back to back. How would I add this to my list without over doing it.

Lee – NYC
–  Do you have any experience working with athletes who take the medication Prednisone, a catabolic steriod? if so, how do you see it affecting their performance/training? Any modifications/precations that you would recomend?

Bob Farrell – Berwick Maine
–  If I want to start working on endurance in January, should I run and ride long distances and use light weights and many reps for my strength training?

Alex Moher – Ontario, Canada
–  I’ve heard that watching T.V. while on an indoor trainer isn’t the best, and I know that music can throw you off your spinning tempo. Would you think I could still watch T.V. while doing a long, easy indoor session? What ways do you do keep yourself motivated and conquer boredom on the bike?

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