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Key Workouts to Sharpen Your Triathlon Off-Season Running Races

For many triathletes, fall is a transition period. Shifting from a routine of daily double workouts and weekend races to a less rigid schedule with fewer specific goals can be both a healthy freedom and a frustrating feeling at the same time. For me, this fall break is a chance to concentrate on my primary love, running. Whether running is a strength or weakness, fall is an excellent time to pick a 10k or half marathon to train for before the less runner-friendly roads of winter appear. Why not mix up your training this fall and try a routine you haven’t used in the past. Just as students regularly have to learn new test taking strategies, athletes ought to experiment with different patterns of training. If you always follow the same routine, how will you know if you can improve or if the plans you follow are indeed ideal? Regardless of the training plan you choose, the key workouts of speed, endurance, and strength should remain staples throughout the plan.

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