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How To Really Strike Your Foot When Running

There is often a lot of confusion on how one should strike on the front of the foot when running. This video explains the ins and out of correct foot strike.

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What is Good Running Technique?

To stake my ground, I believe that it is not which part of the foot striking the ground first that is consequential to an efficient stride but rather where in relation to the hip the foot strikes that makes the biggest difference. This is nothing new; the momentum-killing, braking forces that result from a foot strike in front of the hip is well documented and my runners have experienced marked improvement by learning to shift their strike-point rearward, from in front of their hip to directly underneath it.

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Explosive Running Drills To Make You Fly

These running drills, with coach Kerry, are a little more explosive in that there is a skipping element in them. This is valuable for creating speed as these drills will teach you to keep your foot on the ground for shorter amounts of time which will make you a faster and more efficient runner.

Do these constantly and you will notice a difference.

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