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Triathlon Teleseminar with Coach Ryan Riell

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ryanriell-In this triathlon expert teleseminar from the Rock Star Triathlete Academy, triathlon coach Ryan Riell addresses listener questions. Be sure to check out Ryan’s Winter Camp here and his Spring Camp here.

Kent Buckson – Rehoboth Beach, Delaware – What are your thoughts on using a areo helmet vs road bike helmet when racing a 70.3 in a warmer climate?

Lance – Campbell, CA – I have read that base training should focus on primarily low intensity but high volume training, and that high intensity, or anaerobic training can actually interfere with building a strong aerobic “engine”. Is this true, or can you incorporate anaerobic training while maintaining aerobic fitness?

Keena – Missouri   My husband and I are getting ready to train for our half-ironman’s. I am very concerned that he is going to injure himself because he does not do proper cool down or stretching after our workouts. He believes that he does not need it. (He tore his calf muscle 4 miles into a marathon we did in December, and he thinks it was because of stretching). Any advice?

Roger – Missouri   Is it possible to reset, or increase your aerobic threshold? For example, if you consistently work in an anaerobic state, will your aerobic capacity increase?

Dan Phillips – Garner   I want to know how much, what and when I should be eating to support my training regimen (run, swim & gym (weights upper body only)). As it is now I eat all day long every 2-3 hours, not BIG meals, but (healthy) snacks.

carol – University Place, WA   What would the taper look like for an Olympic distance triathlon versus a 70.3 for an “older” female athlete?    Would running 18 miles at a comfortable pace be good for doing an LSD workout?

Stacey – mount maunganui, New Zealand   Hi guys, i have just done two half ironman a month apart, amd am looking forward to another in 8 weeks, In both the past race’s my inner front quads have locked up on on the run with in about 1km off the bike and stay that way the whole run, i cant seem to get past it and its taking me 2hrs just for the run. I drink about 2L water and plenty off electrolyte pills on the bike. P.s im male and 30yrs old, 82kgs(180pounds) Thanks guys from kiwi land

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