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Do you Have The Right Stuff When It Comes To Hydration?

The Right Stuff is a know as, “serious hydration for serious athletes.” Rock Star Triathlete coach Kerry Sullivan uses it often, since he finds it works the best of any hydration/electrolyte product he has used.

This may sound like a lot of hype, but The Right Stuff has a lot of science to back it up. NASA originally developed the formula for there astronauts who were becoming seriously dehydrated when re-orbiting the earths atmosphere. They tested many solutions and found that the formula used in The Right Stuff was the best.

Below is an interview that Kerry did with the owner of The Right Stuff. In the interview, formulator of The Right Stuff David Belaga talks about what makes The Right Stuff so effective.

Check out: http://therightstuff-usa.com/ after you listen to the interview below, and keep reading for a proprietary discount.
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